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Boao Golden Coast Hotel

Boao Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel is an "international, intelligent, ecotypic" five-star hotel in Boao Aquapolis, where the scenery of mountains ,rivers, beaches, palm trees, hot spring, islands as well as plantations blend into each other perfectly. The three famous rivers Wanquan, Jiuqu, Longgun flow in front of the hotel and join into the South China sea. With its unique entironment and advanced sewage system, Boao Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel becomes the first hotel in china which is awarded the prize of "5A Green Hotel". As the permanent site of Boao forum for Asia, the hotel has successfully received Boao Forum for Asia Launching Conference, the first to the third Annual Conference of BFA and more than 500 meetings, seminars, forums and conceivable events since it opened.

The high-class convention equipments, professional conference schemes and considerate service, make the hotel a perfect place for business and holiday .
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Address: 8 Golden Coast Avenue, Boao, Hainan, P.R.C     Post code: 571434
TEL:(86-898)6277 8888     FAX:(86-898)6277 8899     E-mail:boaogolden@boao-golden.com.cn
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