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The Xinglong Hot Springs

The Xinglong Hot Springs (Xinglong Wencun) are located in the Xinglong Overseas Chinese Village on the eastern outskirts of Wanning City. The springs are home to over a dozen springs, from which flow hot mineral water (average temperature of 60 degrees year round). The water here is said to have curative effects for those with skin diseases, arthritis and other illnesses.

Although the locally grown coffee here is not well known internationally, many travelers to the area compare the coffee to the fine coffees of Brazil and Columbia. Doesn't sipping a nice cup of coffee while relaxing in a hot spring sound nice?

Seven Fairy Maidens Spa

    Located at the foot of the Seven Fairy Maidens Ridge, the Seven Fairy Maidens Tourist Spa Zone lies to the north of Baoting County, 8 kilometres away from the urban areas. At the foot of the hills, there are 7 fountain wells that have a total daily capacity of over 70 hundred tons.

    The temperature of the spa is the highest and the spring holes are the most in Hainan. The highest mineral water temperature is about 93. It contains plenty of beneficial elements that have curative effect on the human body. It is said that it was the bathing place that seven fairy maidens took their baths in. During these years, a lot of basic infrastructures and service facilities have been built at the tourist zone.

Lanyang Hot Spring

     It is situated on Nanyang Farm in the southeast part of the Nanda Town .The hot spring area is 6 km in length and 500m in width. There are dozens of natural mouths of the spring. The spring water temperature ranges form 43 to 84

Xinglong Hot Spring

    There are rich hot spring resources in Xinglong. The hot spring water is found containing variety of beneficial elements to human’s health. It contains fluorin 9.82- 52.24mg/L. and silica acid 84.5- 144.7mg/L. According to water analysis, the hot spring mineral water produces a good curative effect to dermatitis and arthritis.

    In the Kangle Garden Hotel, there are several spa swimming pools.The Palm Swimming Pool covers approximately 2,000 m2 with an attached children’s amusing pool and 2 hot spring pods. The Coconut Swimming Pool covers 1,000 m2 in size, including a hot spring pool and a bar.

Guantang Spa Holiday Resort Zone

    3 kilometres away from the expressway exit of Jianquan, the Guantang Spa Holiday Resort Zone has a daily production capacity of ten thousand tons. The hot spa water here has been approved by state-level experts as "a rare spa in the world and a unique one in Hainan". The water temperature at Guantang hot spring is between 70 and 90 at the source. It contains plenty of beneficial elements, such as fluorine, silicon, lithium and strontium. The hot mineral water at a temperature of 37-40 has a curative effect on the human body whilst at the high temperature of 43-45 has a stimulating effect. The hot spring bath can improve the micro-circulation of the body and have curative and beautifying effects on the skin. Now several tourist hotels have been built at this holiday resort zone and have a total reception capacity of over 600.

How to get there: Take a bus from the bus station in Wanning to Xinglong.
Cost: Hot Spring bathing is available in all the local hotels at a cost of between RMB40-RMB80.