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Coconut Village Farmer Happiness Scenery District

The Wanquan River, the third biggest river in Hainan is famous for its beautiful scenery and Red Women Army. They forced the enemies down to the river, which is the first marvelous story of Qiongya Revolution. Wanquan River bamboo Row Tour is on 5 kilometers calm and graceful riverway from Coconut Cottage to Guantang Entertainment Center in Wanquan River downstream.It is only 5 kilometers away from east line expressway hotspring exit. The traffic is very convenient. On the beautiful part of Wanquan River, the stream is slow, green jade popples, coconut trees dances, pepper and pinang are fragrant. You can ride on the bamboo raft, far away from noisy city, just like walking into a picture. You can appreciate the scenery on both sides, and the fun of sail shade and fishing. You also can play water happily. All of them will let you indulge in pleasure and forget home.

After traveling Wanquan River, you can have a trip in Coconut Village on bank. Coconut Village is country AA level traveling scenery that covers about 200 mu. There are baling, riding dragon bone car, catching ducks, dry binang and so on, which you can take part in. There are statue of pig, cattle, sheep and bamboo hat, coir raincoat, all kinds of dead stocks, farmhouse sundries for visiting. There are tropic zone melon and fruit like pepper, binang, coconut, banana, guava, pawpaw for picking. When you finish you tour, there are still special fragrant farmhouse meal waiting for you.

Add:The Coconut Village, Jiaji Town, Qionghai City, Hainan Province

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