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Boao Aquarium

In the Asian Square, there is Boao Aquarium covering around 4300 square meters as construction area. During the first stage of project, the investment reached about 20 million RMB. And the Boao aquarium is designed to receive visitors more than 5 million per year. Various aquatic plants and animals inhabiting in the south sea exhibited in the aquarium exceed 800 species, among which 300 are fishes numbering more than 3000. Different sections are set up in the aquarium, each of which belongs to a distinctive category. For example, starfish, echinus and Chinese horsefoot etc. pertaining to the ocean animal category Mammal Zoon; Turtle Exhibition Zoon exhibits the national classification 2 protected

animal like turtles and hawksbills; Shark Exhibition Zoon provides home for many a shark; Coral Exhibition Zoon collects almost every kind of South Sea coral; Lots of unique water plants and animals you can find in the tropic rain forest on this planet inhabit in the Tropic Rain Forest Zoon. What is most irresistant for visitors is the A World Under Sea. Inside a titanic glass dome, tens of thousands of fishes are swimming freely, the beautify mermaids acted by divers are dancing in the water with different fishes, which will lead to into a not quite known world of sea.

Add:Boao Town, 

Admission Fee: CNY 71
Ticket-selling Hours: 8:00--17:30

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