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Shopping in Hangzhou, Zhejiang


Since ancient times, Hangzhou has been known as a "paradise for shopping" in southeast China, with a large number of pearls and silk shops, and merchants from all over the country. Hangzhou's silk, Dragon Well tea, porcelain ware produced in Guan Kiln of Southern Song Dynasty (1127AD-1279AD), West Lake-brand silk umbrellas, Zhang Xiaoquan scissors, Wang Xingji fans and other traditional handicrafts are well known both at home and abroad.

Hangzhou's local government has invested heavily in women's fashion. Wulin Road, a shopping paradise in the downtown area, is one of the fashionable centers featuring hundreds of shops and departments selling ladies' wear in various brands and styles.

Sijiqing Clothing Market is located on Hanghai Road of Hangzhou. Established in October of 1989, the market is one of the most influential clothing wholesale and circulation markets in China. With a large variety of reasonably priced brand name clothes the market has been popular among customers for many years. More than 80% of the clothes here are sold wholesale. Possessing good outlets, the Sijiqing Clothing Market is the source for clothes sold in the markets of Southeast Asia, Europe and even America.

Shopping malls

HangzhouDepartment Store

On the southeastern side of the Wulin Square, the Hangzhou Department Store boasts thirteen plazas and Delicacy and Recreation City with an area of 22,000m2. It sells more than 80,000 varieties of products.

Jiefang Department Store

By the West Lake, only 1,500m from the railway station, Hangzhou Jiefang Department Store is a multi-function commercial building integrating shopping centers, hotel, restaurants, recreational facilities, and parking lot, with a business area of 31,000m2.

Shop of Wang Xingji Fan Factory

First founded in 1875, Wang Xingji Fan Factory is the only comprehensive factory producing fans in China.

Du Jinsheng Exclusive Sales Shop

As an "old and famous store of China", Du Jinsheng is a special shop selling silk tourism souvenirs and gifts, most of which are produced by the Du Jinsheng Silk Factory. The products include silk, brocade and silk covers, cushion, cases, bed covers, paintings, scarves, ties, umbrellas, reversible embroideries, Chinese-style clothing and fashionable dresses.

Shopping streets

Qinghefang Street, one of the most famous historic streets in Hangzhou, reflects features of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). Most preserved buildings are from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Strolling on this street, you will be attracted by the antique buildings and local crafts, such as silk parasols, brocades, noted Zhang Xiaoquan scissors and Hangzhou fans.

Yan'an Road

Yanan Road is considered the Number One Street in Hangzhou. Three-thousand-meter-long Yanan Road running between the north and south sections of Hangzhou has become the city's commercial center. Along the road are included the grand buildings of the Zhejiang Provincial Great Hall of the People, Hangzhou Culture Center, Victory Theatre, International Mansion, Hangzhou Department Store, Hangzhou Grand Hotel, and Haifeng Western Restaurant. Bordering the north end of Yanan Road is Wulin Square, the new center of culture and commerce where towers and skyscrapers are springing up, including Hangzhou Telecom Building, Zhejiang Provincial Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou Shopping Center, Hangzhou Theatre, and Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Museum.

Jiefang Road

Jiefang Roadis famous for Jiefang Road Department Store, Tiangong Art Studio and famous-brand boutiques.

HangzhouInternational Tourism Products Market

With an area of 2.56 hectares, it sells wood carvings, carved stone articles, pearls and jewels, jade objects, antiques, calligraphy and painting, handicraft pottery and porcelain, silk and local products.

Night Fair Along Wushan Road

Wushan Roadis a traditional night shopping street, where people buy antiques, jade objects and silk. The night fair attracts many foreign guests too.

Metro Supermarket
No. 355 East Genshan Road
Carrefour Supermarket
No.135 Yanan Road
Jia You Supermarket
No. 86 Qingchun Road
No. 333 Fuchun Road
No. 58 East Qingchun Road
Wanjiafu Supermarket
No.38 Qingchun Road
No.64 Wangjiang Road
No.38 Xintang Road
No.2 Shuangling Road

Featured products

The special local-made products include silk products, Hangzhou brocade, West Lake Iongjing tea, Shaoxing rice wine, Huzhou writing brushes, Jinhua hams, Hangzhou white chrysanthemums, Wang Xing's fans, Qingtian stone carvings, Dongyang wood sculptures, and Leqing carvings fashioned out of Chinese littleleaf box wood.

Dragon Well tea

West Lake Dragon Well tea is renowned as green in hue, strong fragrance, mellow taste and pretty appearance. It is refreshingly smooth, sweet and delicate, ranking the best of Chinese green tea.

Hangzhou Silk

Hangzhou is the home of silk with a history of more than 2,000 years. It wons a high reputation in Tang Dynasty (618AD-907AD). Hangzhou silk has over ten varieties with more than 200 products. Gold and silver awards have been given to some famous silk products by the State. HangZhou white chrysanthemum

HangZhouWhite Chrysanthemum

It was once served as tribute to the imperial court with Dragon Well Tea in ancient times. It is well known for its curative effect in helping clear the eyes, relieve internal heat or fever and treat hypertension, migraine and emergent conjunctivitis. Hangzhou Brocade

Hangzhou Brocade

Famed as cloud in the sky and flowers on earth, it is a wonder in arts and handicrafts in China. Hangzhou brocade handicrafts first appeared in Tang Dynasty (618AD-907AD). Today, the brocade has two main varieties of decoration and daily use. The most famous products are produced by Hangzhou Du Jinsheng Brocade Factory. It is exported to over 80 countries and regions. Hangzhou Embroidery

Hangzhou Embroidery

Hangzhou embroidery, also called Hang Embroidery or Ji Embroidery, is divided into two main styles: court embroidery and folk embroidery. The court embroidery originates from the clothing and items with dragons and phoenixes used by noble families of China. Folk embroidery abounds with more common materials and symbols like bats (for good fortune), deer or cranes (for longevity), or playing children (for childbirth and families).The fan making crafts began in Southern Song Dynasty. It was ranked with silk and tea as the three best products in Hangzhou” since Ming and Qing Dynasties. The most famous products are the black paper fans and sandalwood fans.

West Lake Tianzhu chopsticks

West Lake Tianzhu chopsticks, made of thin bamboo of Mt. Tianzhu, West Lake, Hangzhou, are cheap and high quality with bamboo fragrance favored by people from home and abroad.

The Southern Song Guan Kiln

The Southern Song Guan Kiln, established by the royal government, was a royal porcelain kiln. With its dignified and graceful shape, sparkling jade-like color, thin body and thick glaze, Guan ware was recognized as the best among the five famous kilns in the Song Dynasty (960AD-1279AD). Now, the existing Guan treasures are less than one hundred, which is renowned as “bright pearl of porcelain”.

West Lake-brand Silk Umbrella

The Bamboo framed silk umbrellas are soft in texture with little weight. An open umbrella looks like a flower with all its brilliant colors, yet when closed the umbrella is a piece of bamboo.


Wang Xingji Fans

The fan making crafts began in Southern Song Dynasty (1127AD-1279AD). It is ranked with silk and tea as the three best products in Hangzhou since Ming and Qing Dynasties. The most famous products are the black-paper fans and sandalwood fans.


Longjing Tea

Longjing Tea is one of China's best teas and is one reason for Hangzhou's international fame. The tea is grown in the Longjing mountain area of Hangzhou, southwest of the West Lake. The flat and smooth tea leaves (resembling pine needles with a yellow to dark green color) brew a tea with light to dark green color, a fragrant scent, and a refreshing taste.

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