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Impression West Lake

"Impression West Lake" is a rare flash of the spectacular in 2,200-year-old Hangzhou, which has little dazzle compared to the imperial splendor of Beijing, the stylish, shock-of-the-new of Shanghai or the glittery, shop-till-you-drop energy of Hong Kong. Its charms are slower, more traditional.

At night, West Lake becomes the watery site of an imaginative, at times startling, multimedia show called "Impression West Lake" directed by Zhang Yimou, China´s most famous film director, the nightly performance is a skillfully crafted fusion of light, sound and movement. Based on an old Chinese love story, it is performed literally in and on the lake, on barges and atop platforms submerged in several inches of water. Injunctions against taking photographs are roundly ignored by fans, who brandish phone cameras in lakeside bleacher seats, trying to capture the show´s visual magic.

The story the production team is looking for is "The Legend of the White Snake", set in the Southern Song Dynasty in the Westlake.

The unique telescopic ladder auditorium is designed for the "Impression West Lake" landscape theater.In daytime, the entire auditorium is broken up into parts and immerged in the peripheral environment,thus the original landscape of the West Lake will not be affected. In night-time,the auditorium will be unfolded and a top-grade urban landscape theater will be presented and the audience will have a unique prospective where they are personally on the scene.

As the story goes, a female white snake demon, Bai Suzhen or Lady White, dreams of becoming a goddess. So she takes on mortal form and steps into the human world. On the broken bridge of the West Lake, she meets a handsome scholar Xu Xian, who saved her life in the previous life. The two fall in love and get married.

A monk intervenes in order to save the scholar's soul and casts Lady White into a deep well at the Leifeng Pagoda.
Over time, the tale has evolved from a horror story to one of romance. Together with other legends of the lake, it rests quietly in every corner within the landscape.

Set around Su Causeway and Curved Yard and Lotus Pool, on the water of Yue Lake, is the musical's natural stage.
When the night falls, colored lighting shrouds the lake, with hills and water as its backdrop.

Lady White walks across the water to meet her lover Xu Xian coming in a small boat. The stage is set three centimeters below the lake and can descend a further half a meter.

When the light fades, we can see fish and lotus lanterns - played by hundreds of actors - glimmer in the dark. And with the help of modern technology, a "bridge of heaven" rises into the sky, uniting the long-separated couple at end of the play.
Audiences from across the world are fascinated by the spectacle.

The history and culture of West Lake as well as the beautiful natural landscape of West Lake are the origin of Impression West Lake. This performance vividly shows the folklores and myths of Hangzhou and highlights the best of them. Via the high technology, the makers recreate The Rain of West Lake, which in some ways reflects the natural charm of rain of West Lake and West Lake in rain. The whole scenes of performance are live-action show with the real water and hills as the performance background. By virtue of the life-like and life-size show, the rooted culture and the natural beauty of Hangzhou are highly exhibited. Kitaro Matsuri, a world-class musician, created the aesthetic background music for this performance. Zhang Liangyin, a Chinese popular singer sings the themed song, and her heaven-like sound brings the audiences into the environment of dream and romantic Hangzhou.

Venue of Impression West Lake Performance is Yuehu Lake Scenic Area. It is from Lord Zhao Causeway of South to Yuehu Lake Tower of North and from Quyuan Fenghe of West to Lord Su Causeway of East. At the south of Yuehu Lake Tower, there is a retractable and moveable elevation-type stand. This stand can hold 1800 audiences. The whole performance equipments are environmentally friendly. The facilities are the internationally advanced, so is the technology they use. The actors’ performance is shown on the water of West Lake. It is not opera, dream or party but thousands of years show.

Show time: 19:45-21:00  

Tour Price

 Type of the Seats  Published Price  Our Discount Price
 Normal Seats  220RMB/person  
 VIP Seats on Upper Floor of the Boat  600RMB/person
 VIP Seats on Ground Floor of the Boat  450RMB/person
 VIP Balcony Room 1  10000RMB/room    
 VIP Balcony Room 2  8000RMB/room  
 VIP Balcony Room 2 Seats  600RMB/person  

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