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Hangzhou Nanshan Road

Stretching as long as 2500 meters from Hubin Road in the north and Xishan Road in the south along the West Lake with scenic spots on its way like Viewing fish at Flower Harbor, Spring Dawn at Su Causeway, Sunset Glow over Leifeng Hill, Tiger-running Spring. Besides, there are China Silk Museum, China Academy of Fine Arts and Zhejiang Art Gallery, etc. On the west of Nanshan Road, the beautiful west lake lies there.

It is also well known as one of the most romantic roads in Hangzhou City. Just imagine, walking on the road with historical fragrance and modern art atmosphere, you may also be a piece of picture in the picturesque scene. Who knows whom you will meet in the next minute here in Hangzhou?

Recently, more than 20 cultural relics on the road have been newly protected and renovated, including Pan Tianshou Memorial Hall, the Former Residence of Mao Yisheng (a modern architect), Emperor Qianglong Teahouse, and Pu’s Cemetery, thus preserving and enriching the road’s historical significance. Moreover, a number of famous attractions can be found on the road, including Su’s Causeway, Leifeng Tower, Jing Temple, the ancient Wansong Academy, Chinese Silk Museum, and Zhejiang Art Gallery. Bars, cafés, and teahouse abound on Nanshan Road, as well as galleries, hotels, and over 105 famous brand name stores. The road is divided into 5 zones on the whole: the Romantic Bar Zone, Calligraphy and Painting Zone, Gourmet Zone, Art Corridor Zone, and Recreation & Entertainment Zone.

1. The Romantic Bar Zone

The Romantic Bar Zone is 260 meters long (from Liuying Road to Renmin Road to Kaiyuan Road) and hosts a wide array of modern bars, teahouses, and cafés. The target consumers are mainly foreign visitors in the daytime and the local youths at night. The fancy establishments are mainly designed in a western style, while the teahouses were chiefly built in a traditional Chinese style.

2. The Calligraphy and Painting Zone

The Calligraphy and Painting Zone is as long as 205 meters (from Kaiyuan Road to West Lake Avenue) where visitors will find numerous calligraphy and painting stores and elegant antique shops. The main audience consumers are foreign visitors and local art lovers.

3. The Gourmet Zone

The Gourmet Zone is 545 meter long in total (from Nanshan New Village to the gate of the Military Headquarters) and includes hotels and restaurants both in Chinese and western styles. The main target consumers are the white-collar class and successful businessmen.

4. The Art Corridor Zone

The positioning of the 755-meter long Art Corridor Zone (from West Lake Avenue to Nanshan New Village) is at art galleries, photo studios and western bars, and the main target consumers are art lovers, artists and art collectors, infusing art, recreation with entertainment perfectly as one.

5. The Recreation & Entertainment Zone

The Recreation & Entertainment Zone is 245 meters long (from the gate of the Military Headquarters to Wansongling Road) and consists of establishments in the fitness, make-up, wedding photo, and entertainment industries. The funky style of the sculptures and architectures in this zone reflects the trend of the times.

Address: Shangcheng District, Hangzhou
Opening hours: all day
Bus routes: 102, U6, Y6, 121, 102, 221, 12, 282, 271, 28, U5, Y5, and 900

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