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Songcheng Theme Park

Songcheng Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area is located southwest of tourist attractions, the North according to five Yunshan, south of Qiantang River, is China's largest theme park Song culture, from Hangzhou Songcheng Group Co., Ltd. invest in the construction.

  In order to "Give me a day, but also you have the Millennium" as the slogan of Hangzhou Songcheng is China's biggest cultural theme park Song is the top ten beauty of Zhejiang, Hangzhou, ten new landscape.Songcheng creates a layered, flavored, rhythmic and deep historical travel space on the basis of the picture Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival by Zhang Zeduan who was a painter of Song dynasty and by applying construction methods in Song dynasty. Acrobatic performances in Wazigou (the name of music center in Song dynasty) are wonderful; ancient trade “live fossil” and seventy two trades ancient workshop represent the cultural heritage; ancient interactive games enable you to find missing culture in mysterious adventure; representative performance the Romance of the Song Dynasty is marvelous. All of these reappear the simple folk custom in the capital of Southern Song Dynasty and make visitors feel the prosperous scene of the grand Song Dynasty again.

Visitors will also be interested in other prayer events in the temple fair. Cai Shen literally translates as God of Wealth or Prosperity. People believe that Cai Shen can bring them wealth if they pray or hold a memorial ceremony during the Festival.

Yue Lao, go-between or matchmaker in English, is the deity living on the moon in charge of marriages. According to the Chinese legend, Yue Lao ties an invisible red string around the ankles of men and women who are destined to be soul mates and will one day marry each other. Therefore, the young people can come to pray for a good company for their life in the temple fair.

Places of worship for Buddhism are also available for Buddhists praying for Buddha's uncountable blessing for the coming year in the temple fair.

Old workshops undergo a facelift to welcome visitors with new decorations. Some new workshops will also be open to the visitors. The workshops in the temple fair include a brewery house, bean curd mill, blacksmith's shop, wax printing shop, and other shops engaged in root carving, stone inscription, paper-cut, facial makeup in operas and others. Craftsman from those workshops will bring people on-site performances making different kinds of crafts.

Wasi Goulan, a place for amusement for common people, came into use in the Song Dynasty (AD 420-479). With the most dangerous, interesting and infrequent shows performed here, Wasi Goulan is a good place for recreation and amusement as well as leisure and a good sport for a vacation in the Song Dynasty. The temple fair will blaze a piece of land for visitors to enjoy some local dramas and performances like Muppet, shadow puppet show, Drum Song of Peking, magic tricks, and some other acrobatics.

Sports events are also highlights of the temple fair. In the Song Dynasty, emperors, empress and their children were all fond of sports. One popular sport, Cuju, an ancient sport played in ancient China, had some resemblance to football (soccer) today. The Northern Song Dynasty saw an unprecedented development of the Cuju game. Visitors can enjoy the sports generated from the past dynasties such as shooting arrows, throwing balls made of colored silk, target practicing, throwing earthbags and spinning top.

Some other traditional performances and custom will be on display in the places like Hefang Street, where people wearing historic costumes as well as dancing and singing in local styles, attracting people's eyes in the temple fair too.

  It is located southwest of West Lake scenic area, according to five Yunshan, clinical Qiantang River. Songcheng be divided into "Qingming Riverside" reproduce, Kowloon plaza area, Songcheng plaza area, Spirit Mountain King Pavilion area and the Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Palace Area, Garden District and other parts of the Southern Song Dynasty style. With realism, romanticism, function that combines the techniques, from history and higher than historical, is the ancient Chinese culture, a look back and expressions, is an entertaining history of the city.

“The building is the shape, the culture is the soul”. Songcheng park obscures the concept of time and space, shortens the distance of time and space and it is a recalling and expression of Song culture. Songcheng, is a city of history.The completion of the town is a natural integration with the West Lake in the civilization of "Two Song Dynastises", and the Song Cultural Tourism in Hangzhou is given the proper position. Realism and romanticism are together in the construction of the town, originating from history but higher than history. According to the painting by famous painter Zhang Zeduan in Song Dynasty and Song construction style, a prosperous imitation for that time is presented just as the real one.The design of the town has also distinct gradation, lingering charm, rhythm and ancient history, a vast space both for visiting and thinking. On the art arrangement of Chinese traditional hill & water gardens in the Town, the characters of brightness, elegance are absorbed, so the Town is a really legendary, splendid and unforgettable unique one for sightseeing.

Civilization is the soul of the town, in the town beauty of natural water and hill gardens, beauty of custom and style, beauty of art and culture, beauty of ancient architecture beauty of social humanities are probed. Song Dynasty Town are collections and expressions for Chinese ancient civilizations. The Town surely becomes a historical one both for learning and recreations. One day in Song Dynasty Town is rewarded with a thousand years into history.

Songcheng Theme Park is one of China's largest theme parks and showcases the culture of the Song Dynasty.

The park recreates the bustling city scene of the Song Dynasty, thus many feel like they are taking a stroll in an ancient town.

Colorful Culture and Exciting Shows
You can go to the legendary and splendid Town for an exciting night. As the Heaven Lamp Festival is on, many heaven lamps are rising in the Town and look so glorious, because they use a kind of special fuel. You will be excited when dancing around the campfire.

The Romance of the Song Dynasty boasts one of three best shows around the world. The Romance of the Song Dynasty is an indoor and panorama style large-scale performance. It is based on Hangzhou history and mythology which is mixed by singing, dancing and acrobatics together. The performance will give you a pleasant and impressed feeling and can be compared beauty with the “Red Grindery”in Paris and “O Show”in LasVegas.It is a must for the tourists coming to Hangzhou.

"The Romance of the Song Dynasty" performance tells the history of Hangzhou from ancient to modern times through acrobatics, dance, kung fu, opera and music, among which, many Wasi Guolan folk arts are shown in a modern form.

Shows and plays featuring Song culture are performed here daily. Around 2 million tourists come here annually, who are attracted by the large-scale dance and song drama - Thousand Years' Feeling of song Dynasty Town. The show was invested 60 million yuan and becomes the reputed program of the theme park and representative show in Hangzhou

The one-hour show is said to draw around 2 million spectators a year. The theater seats 3,000 people.

Address: 148 Zhijiang Rd
Admission to park: 80 yuan
Admission to show: 180-480 yuan

Civilization is the soul of Song Dynasty City. It makes its own exploration in representing the beauty of natural water and hill, beauty of gardens building, beauty of society humanities and the beauty of art and culture. The city surely becomes a historical one both for learning and recreations.

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