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 Hangzhou Jiuxi 18 Stream

Nine Creeks Meandering Through a Misty Forest | 九溪烟树 | jiǔ xī yān shù

Address: South to LongJing vilalge | 龙井村南侧 | lónɡ jǐnɡ cūn nán cè

"Jiuxi 18 is a stream of" stream "as the theme, backed by mountains and trees for an elegant beauty of a quiet mountain stream, located in Longjing south, more than 10 km away from the West Lake. Originated in Meiling Yang Yang Chengjiawu, sequential convergence of Green Bay, the macro method, Fang, Baizhang, Carlson Tong, Buddhist stone, Yunqi, Houzhu head, a well-off and other nine small mountain stream into a river dock, and then by Xu Qiantang River into the village; 18 streams in the haze hole Southwest, the origin of Longjing Longjing Village, wearing a forest around the foot and sequential convergence poet islands, Sun Yat-sen Otaki, and the crowns Long River and many other small streams formed stream, hence the name Jiuxi 18 streams. "  It originates from the Waxberry Ridge of the Wengjia Moutain and meets with nine creeks on its way, namely Qingwan Creek, Hongfa Creek, Tangjia Creek, Xiaokang Creek, Foshi Creek, Baizhang Creek, Yunqi Creek, Qingtou Creek and Fangjia Creek. The creeks are circuitous and now visible, now hidden, and finally pour into the Qianjiang River.

Longjing Village, along the mountain into the road on both sides of a patchwork of cottages, the air released into the atmosphere with fragrance of tea, every household had tea at the door by hand. Tea farmers in a large wok constantly turning inside pressure fresh tea, next to fried good product. "Asked Longjing tea" can be seen everywhere in this village, there have been tea farmers in a warm and invited us to tea buy tea at home.

Nine brook 18 gorge elements by “the trail flexure, the peaks and ridges tower facing each other, the gorge spring hollow piece of jade hollow piece of jade, the bamboo cedar hands over the green jade” to be famous, for Xihu west a big scenic place. Qing Dynasty renowned scholar Yu Yue (tune garden), once did folds the character poem to praise: “overlap mountain, Qu Quhuan ring circuit, Ding ding dong east spring, high one after next tree”. Here Lin Yiweng long, the mountain mist like smoke, the forest brook serves as contrast, the mountains and rivers do credit. in 1986 warded off constructs the artificial waterfall, the blue dew added newly, the Xiu tree belt fog, the full valley was hazy, had “the smoke tree” the interest.

Out of this small village, that is, a stream Jiuxi 18.
Qing Dynasty scholar Yu Yue Yu jiuxi poem reads: "jiuxi 18 streams, the most wins at the mountain. Xi have long heard of its name, this poor creature before. Overlay Hill, after another loop the loop. Pound, Din Din spring, high - Gao Xia under the tree. " Share my heart, faint paths in front of an extension of the roadside covered with grass, verdant trees stand quietly scattered roadside in the mountains is a dazzling eyeful of tea, occasionally trickling sluggishly flowing streams.

The weather was very co-ordination, rainy, exactly what I want. The twists and turns along the valley trail, feel the cool human lung. On both sides of a lush mountain overlay. On the road too often at the foot of a small stream, large stones across the creek line, imagine the rain is heavy, clear spring walk through at the foot of stone feeling. Stream Import roadside mountain stream, mountain stream quietly cover in the bushes, covered with moss.

Roadside and hillside tea plantations, tea-picking can be seen everywhere inside the tea farmers in this valley to work for us, is a leisurely occupation. Few pedestrians encountered a line bird-watching team, the long telescope, described in the bush bird looks, feathers, colors, said to be a Bird Watching Society in Hangzhou. Impressive that there are mountain stream inside the tent, where rest is fascinating.

Quiet valley, ding-dong of the streams, crisp bird, feeling heart was flooded, today, I completely drunk.

Intoxicated way forward, reached the Jiuxi Yan Shu, where people gradually increased recently. All in front of surprised actually gives the feeling of two green hills, red arms with a cluster of maple trees, which makes moving harmony.
By half of one cent of children with exhortations, and the diversion of quartzite Jiuxi Yan Shu Road, back to the Li-An Temple, the direction of folding. According to locals, this is Emperor Qianlong then walked the streets, it is also called Dragon Road. Sure enough, paths are structured, in the middle with the quartzite paved, slightly elevated on either side covered with gravel, as well as neat way along. Similar to the common Okimichi Beijing, but a bit less awe-inspiring, a little more delicate and elegant. One side is a slope, one side is a tall and straight fir forest, there is spring water flow below, occasionally with a tea basket tea to ride through, it is estimated with the year of the Qianlong also Liulianwangfan.
Passing by Li-An Temple, cursory glance, the temple's location very good, but inside there is no monks and quiet, and only a group of people in the poker.

Long Road, has been down into another village, the village is said to be Longjing 2. In a warm and his tea house to sit down and a cup of Longjing tea products, rest for a short chat about it, bought one or two offerings on the altar of the Longjing tea is said to agree to anything.

Longjing 2 out of the village is full of sense Lung Road, and half of one cent children recommended hazy three holes in the vicinity. In a tea farmers under the leadership of hooked a Linjian Xiao Road, not far went to the water hole fun. A very deep hole, hole, the Din Din at the foot of a pound, spring flow has reached the end of the hole, ding-dong Sheng Jian big, inside a dark, using flashlights did not see the spring. The black hole was scary, not to stay a while and ran out. The hole to see rock carvings left by their predecessors. Later, with half of one cent up children, said she is a person that entered the hole, but also scared to death, went to the cave dared not stop, it turned Saya Zi ran out. Le Cave is because the water is said inside the sound of the famous, unfortunately, was seeking only to fear, had time to calm down and listen carefully inside the ding-dong sound.

To the haze of the mountain is covered with moss hole of stone steps, stone steps on the grass was short, covered on both sides of the tree converted into tree-lined, extremely quiet. To find the end-result of a spiritual feeling, and feeling very strong, true and no exaggeration. If life permits, I would choose such a home. Climb the stairs all the way here feel the moisture.
Haze-hole under the haze peak is located in the South Ridge, the hole marked with the Central Plains 6 Rohan, historical records, Cidong in the year 944 years (the first year of Later Jin Kai-yun) monks Mi Hung Temple in this building, after the legend passed away in Hong Mi Tuomeng to Wu Su Wu Yue Qian Wang, "My brother, 18 people, this side has six, Wang could gather the" king wake up to the moment after the result by 18 Lohans. Buddha Maitreya Southern Song Dynasty, Shi You fill, Guanyin statues and so on. There are many celebrities hole side Inscription. Hole is extremely spacious stone Ling Zhu for the first hole.

Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies is a 6 km stretch of forestland and mountains.The only way to exlore Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies is by walking. Here are some tips so you can plan your route without missing out on the attractions:
If you are coming from south to north, get onto Bus No K4, Holiday 5, Y Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies 5, 308 or 504 and alight at Jiuxi (Nine Creeks) bus stop. Cross the park of Nine Creeks Meandering Though a Misty Forest and reach Sweet Osmanthus Rain or Dragon Well at Manjuelong Village.
If you are coming from north to south, start from the stop of Bus No 27 at Dragon Well and reach Nine Creeks after crossing the park of Nine Creeks Meandering Though a Misty Forest.

Tours nine brooks, both may the oar play fully in jet stream Qingxi, and may enjoy the profound tranquil wooded mountain rural feeling heartily, the long time the people who noisy is stranded for the metropolis, it is the ideal destination.

Time to Visit the Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies, Hangzhou
April to October is the period when there’s abundant water in the waterfalls, creeks and gullies. Therefore this is the best time to visit Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies if you wanna make the most of your trip.
So what are you waiting for? Come to Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies, Hangzhou and let the magic of Nature begin!

Admission Fee:  Free
Opening Hours: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm every day
Time for a Visit:
Two hours
Bus Route:  8, 13, 87, 155, 501, 308, 510, and 834 

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