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Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi

Bamboo-lined Path at Yunqi | 云栖竹径 | yún qī zhú jìnɡ

Address: West of WuYun Hill, MeiLing Nan Road | 梅岭南路五云山西侧 | méi lǐnɡ nán lù wǔ yún shān xī cè

Not too far west of the Six Harmonies Pagoda (Liuhe Pagoda) is an area known as Yunqi. Visitors can take Bus Y4 from Pinghai Road to Yunqi to get there. Yunqi literally means clouds lingering. It is said that long ago some auspicious color clouds came flying from the nearby Five Cloud Hill and lingred there, hence the name.

This place of interest is known for its bamboo forest. A stone-paved footpath leads one kilometer to Yunqi village thick with bamboo groves. By the side of the path zigzag a murmuring stream. Occassionally the dense leaves give way, and looking up, one cannot see the sky overhead. It is indeed a tremendous joy to stroll along the path.

This attraction locates southwest to the West Lakt, on the North Bank of Qiantang River and in Wuyun Hill Yunqi Village. “Yunqi” means clouds lingering. It is said that some auspicious color clouds came flying from the nearby Color Clouds Hill and lingered on here, hence the name. Bamboo – Lined Path at Yunqi is well known for its quietness and coolness. One Chinese sweet gum tree is above the age of 1000. The famous stone paved footpath leading into the Yunqi valley is lined with hundreds of thousands of bamboo. Walking along the path, soon you will meet a pond called Mind Purifying Pond which means "a pure mind". The water is cool and clear, the hills are quite and beautiful.

Yunxi abounds in tea known as one of top four teas in Hangzhou. The quality of the earth over Yunxi and Meijiawu is very good and is suitable for tea’s growth. Therefore, here is the major tea producing area in Hangzhou and is famed all over the world.

In Yun Xi, you can enjoy different nice scenes in different seasons. Come in Spring for its bamboo shoots growing among the bamboo forest; in summer for the cool breeze bringing the fragrance of trees; in autumn for its colorful forest over the surrounding hills; in winter for the whole valley clad in white. Three nice pavilions were constructed to grace the bamboo – lined path: "Mind Purifying Pavilion" "Dragon Back Pavilion" and "Meeting- Rain Pavilion". It will be a wonderful experience to enjoy the rain scene by sitting in the pavilion.

Admission Fee: 8 CNY
Opening Hours:  07:30-17:30
Time for a Visit:
  3  hours
Bus Route: Y4, 27, 508 (to Dragon Well Village)

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