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Yellow Dragon Cave Dressed in Green

Yellow Dragon Cave Dressed in Green | 黄龙吐翠 | huánɡ lónɡ tǔ cuì

Address: HuangLong Cave, 68 Shuguang Road | 曙光路68号黄龙洞 | shǔ ɡuānɡ lù liù shí bā hào huánɡ lónɡ dònɡ

This scenic spot is located at northern foot of Qixia Ridge in the North Mountain of the West Lake. In the “twenty-four scenes in Hangzhou” of Qing Dynasty, there was the scene “Yellow Dragon Cave Accumulated with Green”, of which the scene name “Yellow Dragon Cave Dressed in Green” is born out. The word “pour out” highlights the peculiar scene that the mouth of dragon between the spring pool and the steep cliff pours out water and the water bead curtain hangs upside down.

The Yellow Dragon Cave was Buddhism resort in Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty and was changed into a Taoist Temple at the early days of the Republic of China. Its front part is courtyard with holes and ditches at the back of it. It, integrating the real hills and artificial hills, and natural scenery and artificial construction, is one of the elegant and secluded gardens. In 1985, the Yellow Dragon Cave, integrating the connotation of religious culture and the landscape of temples and gardens, was built into an imitation antique playground. From the mountain gate of the Yellow Dragon Cave to the second gate, there is a long and winding travelling trails, where there are a lot of scenes for appreciation, such as ancient trees and long bamboos, flowers and grasses, clear pools, low walls and leaking windows

The yellow natural tunnel is preserving the original Daoist temple entrance is an entrance. The entrance double-eaved roof rake, the modelling is plain, the both sides pillars in front column hangs the blue bottom gold character couplets hung in front, said: "yellow Ze is drainless; Father it still. " this association in the Xihu numerous couplets hung in front is one which of excellent works the number obtains. The joint article first reading resembles owes completely, its Italian difficult solution, to have used the rhetorical device which actually abbreviates, ingeniously only "Yellow" character, to is "father it still Long Ye? " (Kong Zi approves father language) abbreviation. What this vice-couplets hung in front said that has been since Yellow Emperor, is similar to water of the deep deep pool cannot be dry, the father is like the dragon common extraordinary personality obtains enlightenment becomes an immortal. Hides the character the rhetorical device to cause the person association "Shenlong To see Does not see Tail" the view.

The Huanglong Tungshan gate to two, some section of lengths and winding tours the footpath, if from airborne bends down looked, just likes tours the dragon. The ancient wooden tall bamboos, the flowers and plants clear pond, the low wall window with ornamental frame, quite a lot may enjoy the scenery along the road. It is called "Guiding" in the monastery botanical garden constitution, looks like a forward to play a tune, plays to the tourist by is entering clear vulgarly, adjusts the heart, gradually to enter the beautiful scenery the role.

The yellow natural tunnel main scenic area is blue water, the rockery, the pavilion Taiwan encirclement. More crosses the pool of water, on the opposite liver moss mark Chang Lv danger crag reveals one drum item, to raise the nose, the yawn, curl upwards must the yellow big main item sculpture. The dragon mouth puts out the spring, pours from the top the basin, the underwater sound bites rat-a-tat like the guitar and lute to play the cry. The spring enters the pond, the towering megalith stands upright together in the water, both sides engrave Tang Dynasty Liu Yuxi separately "Loushiming" the famous phrase “the water not in deep, has Long Zeling”, the spot left this landscape subject.

Yellow natural tunnel rockery, by muddy heavy yellow sand stone according to appearance of the mountain, terrain fluctuation modulation, but masonry and building, either the butte is independent, either gathers the stone modelling, either piles up one on top of another the peak. Looks far, the pinnacle like forest, the heavy mountain range folds the green jade; In enters, blurred winding, bright elusive, the vigorous standard and Xiu have both at the same time leisurely. The style which grew perceptibly by the fine model far is able to discriminate with the Suzhou botanical garden rockery, has demonstrated the wooded mountain monastery landscape gardening art drawing close to nature, the fusion nature, deep ingenuity and trace strong point and charm.

Admission Fee: 15 CNY
Opening Hours:  8:00 – 18:00
Time for a Visit:
Two hours
Bus Route: 16, 21, 23, 28,Tourism Bus Route: 5

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