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Huo Qing Tea

     Yong xi huo qing tea is the highest grade in tea, originate in Jing County of Anhui Province. Yong xi huo qing is famous and precious , because this tea appearance takes the form of round waist particle, according to having 3335-4500 to examine every 5OO gram, each is tight to be real. Choose as the whole country ten major well-known tea one of at Ministry of Commerce well-known tea can evaluate one year. Its quality characteristic: Appearance take the form of waist round grain, like mung bean , form serious and real closely, the color and luster is blackish green, the silver fine long hair is dense and apparent, ones that " wrap the silver yarn blackish greenly " claim. The soup color is apricot yellow and bright and clean, fragrance is noble-minded and unwilling to swim with the tide and lasting, it is sweet that the flavour alcohol goes back sweetly, the bottom of the leaf is vivid green and a little yellow. Able to bear printing steeping, the head is steeped fragrantly, two is steeped sweet, three is steeped densly and steeping five to steep and does not reduce bad smell four times, and very beginning steep and sink promptly, one did not float, so call it " the cold water sinks " again.