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Lu An Guapian 

Watermelon seed".
Origin: China, Anhui province
Tea colour: green tea
Length of infusion: 3'-3'30
Water temperature: 70℃

This tea is cultivated on the slopes of the Da Bie Mountain in the Anhui province. Its name, Lu An, is taken from the tea estate, while Gua Pian comes from its shape, reminiscent of watermelon seeds. Alongside Tai Ping Hou Kui, this is one of the most ancient and famous Chinese teas.

Dry leaves
Appearance: large leaves, plucked individually and delicately crushed by hand. A very fragile plucking.
Colour: intense blue-green.
Scents: fresh and planty, verging on marine.

Brewed leaves (infusion)
Colour: deep and intense green.
Scent: rich and highly complex: the initial planty and toasted note develops into a fresh fruity note. Plenty of floral accents.

Colour: strong green, bordering on acid yellow.
Texture: astringent from the outset.
Aromas: intensely planty and fruity (green apple, kiwi, watermelon), associated with marine notes, against a grilled and mineral backdrop.
Aromatic profile and length in the mouth: pleasant, sustained astringency, rendering it very long in the mouth, with a long-lasting freshness

Our verdict: magnificent leaves, delightfully green and tender. Gives the impression that you are drinking a bowl of pure greenery. An exceptionally intense planty note.