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Liuan Guapian Tea


Liu an gua pian tea is national-level historical well-known tea to fit the melon one times, one of the ten classical green tea in China. Fit the melon one six times (also call a stretch of tea), it is green tea and special tea. Adopt local peculiar variety since, through pull stretch , pick go tender bud and tea stem, through unique

traditional stretches of shape tea to similar to melon seed that processing technology make. Modern,   Liu an gua pian   appoint as into Military Commission of the CPC Central Committee special tribute tea, is it chatter   Liu an gua pian   to read also before Chou En-lai comrade approaching one's end state-founding permeir having; The first visit to China of former Secretary of State of U.S.A. of 1971,   fitting the Liu an gua pian   was still presented to the foreign friend as the national-level gift . .
Appearance: Single slice is suitable and neat and well spaced directly , carry one open and flatly by the leaf , does not take the bud stem , similar to the melon seed, it is jade green to do the dark brown pool, the frost arises moistly. Interior quality: The soup color is limpid, fragrance is high and long, the fresh alcohol of flavour goes back sweetly, the bottom of the leaf is yellowish green and even and high. It is famous at all times and in all lands to   fit the Liu an gua pian   , get the favor in its unique producing area , craft and quality advantage. Liu An Gua Pian Tea

Sophisticated Making Process

She is a late harvest variety. Tea leaves plucking begins only "After Rain" in late April for ten days.The making process - the most unique and sophisticated of any Chinese green tea - combines the best of tippy green tea, big tea bush and scented tea.

While a Dragon Well tea is roasted on the same day, the Guapian tea can takes up to a week to make.The most labor intensive is the stage of "Old Fire", when the leaves are roasted for the third time.

First, the farmers create a hot furnace using 40 kilograms of smokeless charcoal. Then the tea leaves are roasted on top of the furnace five seconds at a time.

Next, the leaves are left to cool briefly. The farmers turn over the leaves slightly, before repeating the whole process again.

The amount of "fire" has to be exactly right. Too little can cause astringency, while too much can cause bitterness. Furthermore, the tender leaves have to be reduced to 6% moisture, while finally looking like a melon seed.

An incredible laborious process, this is repeated 120 to 160 times. It is said that a farmer can walk as much as 10 kilometers in a day. For this reason, she is widely regarded as the most sophisticated of Chinese green tea.

Liuan Guapian (Melon Slice) green tea is one of China's top 10 green teas. The dried leaves are a rich, dark green color, rolled slightly lengthwise, measuring about 1 inch in length. Infused the color of the tea liquid is yellow with a green tint to it. The smell is a green, vegetal smell, fresh and sweet, with a suggestion of seaweed (which to our minds means healthy). The taste is similar: refreshing, vegetal, healthy. The aftertaste is pleasant, lingering, decided but also subtle.

Liuan Guapian green tea originated in Anhui province in the early part of the Qing Dynasty (1636-1910 CE) and was a tribute tea to the emperor. After the leaves are picked, the bud and stem are removed, leaving the top two first leaves only, which are pan-fried over a low heat in small amounts (about 150 grams at a time). If you like Taiping Houkui (and we do), you'll love this tea. Provides 3-4 quality infusions (maybe more depending on your taste).

The picking and processing techniques of Liuan Guapian tea are different from those of other famous teas. The tea has to be picked within 10 days before or after the Grain Rain (in late April, 6th solar term) and only the mature leaves on new sprouts are collected, resulting in succulent leaves and a high nutritional profile. It is the sole green tea that abandons the stems and buds and keeps only leaves. The frying procedure has two stages with different heats and the baking procedure has three stages with bamboo braziers in different sizes and under different time duration and heat. In the baking stages, tea leaves is put in a bamboo basket and heated by the burning charcoal, with two people stretching the basket to go over the charcoal fire several times and turn over the tea at the same time as if performing an ancient dance. Generally, the tea needs to be turned over more than 80 times to have a pleasant aroma. Even tea experts call this process a "great feat". What's more, the tea trees must be the traditional small-leaf trees or else the taste will be a different one.

Liuan Guapian tea tops the nutritional list among all green teas. It helps to slow down aging, has antibacterial properties, decreases blood lipids, helps with weight loss, prevents tooth decay, promotes fresh breath, prevents cancer and radiation damage, and whitens the skin.

Brewed color: Yellow with green tint. Flavor: Refreshing, green, vegetal, sweet almost, with a suggestion of seaweed. Aftertaste: Subtle, lingering, but decided. Preparation: For best results, use spring or mineral water. Bring it to a boil, then, after taking water off the heat, wait about 10 or 15 seconds before onto the side of the pot or gaiwan (avoid pouring on the leaves directly).

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