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Food of Huangshan Mountain


Hui Dishes and Snacks

As one of the eight most famous cuisines in China, Hui cuisine has a history of more than 1000 years. It originated from She County but gained popularity through the travels of Hui merchants to major cities in China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The highly distinctive characteristic of Hui cuisine lies not only in the extensive choice of cooking materials but also in the strict procedures of the cooking process. Most ingredients in Hui cuisine originate in mountain areas. The ingredients are cooked over a hot fire, and Hui chefs pay close attention to the presentation of the dish, to ensure it is appealing to the eye, as well as to the palate.

Popular local Hui dishes served in Huangshan

Stir-fried Mountain Fern

Steamed Mushroom and Stone Frog

Braised Ham and Chicken

Braised Pigeon

Braised Chinese Angelica and River Deer

Stewed pork tongue in Chinese wine

Deep-fried & Steamed Mandarin Fish

Deep-fried Meat-ball

Boiled bamboo shoots and pea seedlings

Steamed Chestnuts with Chicken

Quick Fried Sweet Pork

Braised Duck with Dumplings

Braised Dried Shellfish and Radish

Roasted Mandarin Fish

Deep-fried Wrapped Pork

Quick-fried Fish Head and Tail

Steamed chicken wrapped in Lotus leaves

Braised Turtle with Ham

Stewed Leopard Cat

Deep-fried Maofeng Tea and Egg

Stewed Mandarin Fish

Braised pork leg & chicken with ham

Boiled Bean Curd

Steamed bamboo shoots with chrysanthemum

Sauteed Hairy Bean Curd 

Hotpot with Chrysanthemum

Winter-melon Dumpling