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Tour code:AHT05
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Day  by  day  itinerary:
Day01: Arrive in Hefei and full day visiting .         
Place & Transport:Hefei & Auto
Today's Activities:
Arrive in Hefei and visit Anhui Provincial Museum, the temple and tomb of Bao Zheng, the former residence and tomb of Li Hongzhang, and Museum of Anhui Celebrities. Stay in Hefei for the night.
Day02: Drive to Yingshang County        
Place & Transport:Yingshang & Auto
Today's Activities:
Drive to Yingshang County (180 kilometers, 3 hours). Yingshang, located on the northern bank of the Huaihe River and subordinate to Fuyang City, was the hometown of the politician Guan Zhong (? - B.C. 645) who assisted Emperor Qihuan to be a ruler in the Spring and Autumn Period and also the hometown of Gan Luo, a young prime minister in feudal China at the end of the Warring States Period. In the afternoon visit the famous Temple of Guan Bao, Temple of Zhuyin, Nanhu Park and so on. Stay in Yingshang County for the night.
Day03:Enjoy the view of the Huaihe River        
Place & Transport:Huaihe & Boat
Today's Activities:
Enjoy the view of the Huaihe River by taking a sightseeing boat. The Huaihe River, originating from Mount Tongboshan in Henan Province and flowing down to Anhui Province and Jiangsu Province, is about 1000 kilometers long with a length of over 400 kilometers in Anhui Province. After the boat reaches Fengtai County, visit the Maoxian Cave which is an ancient Taoist temple built in Mount Sanfengshan by the Huaihe River. Climb up the mountain and have an overlook at the splendid view of the Huaihe River flowing west along the mountains through the plain. Later change for a cockboat to tour the Xiashankou Pass, one of the three gorges of the Huaihe River and mount the island to enjoy the view of the Huaihe River. Stay in Shouxian County for the night.
Day04: Visiting in Shouxian country .        
Place & Transport:Shouxian country  & Auto
Today's Activities:
Shouxian County lies to the south of the Huaihe River, subordinate to Liuan City and was called historically Shouchun. It is one of the first China's famous historical and cultural cities, the former capital of the Chu Kingdom at the end of the Warring States Period with various cultural relics unearthed and also the old battlefield of the famous Feishui Battle between Qin Kingdom and Jin Kingdom. Visit the well-preserved old rampart of Song Dynasty in Shouxian County, Tomb of Liu An the Huainan King, the Museum, the Pearl Spring and the Bao’en Temple. Stay in Huainan City for the night.
Day05: Full day visiting.        
Place & Transport:Hefei & Auto
Today's Activities:
At the beginning of the West Han Dynasty, Huainan was the feud of Liu An the Huainan King An, who is the organizer in editing the China's old academic magnum opus Huainan Zi, first ascertaining the 24 solar terms in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and also the first finder of the method for making bean curd. Visit the Mountain Baogongshan of Huainan City where the fleeing soldiers in the Feishui Battle got scared by the moans of the wind and the cry of the cranes, and saw the enemy in every bush and tree because of extreme nervousness, and enjoy the unique native bean curd dishes. Stay in Bengbu City for the night.
Day06:Full day visiting in  Huaihe river.      
Place & Transport:Huai River & Auto
Today's Activities:
Bengbu is a key town of the Huaihe River and the hub of Tianjin-Pukou railway. Cruise to visit the Jingtushan Scenic Area, one of the three gorges of the Huaihe River, which is the very place in historical record where "Dayu met the dukes in Mount Tushan". It is said that over 4,000 years ago Dayu of the Xia Tribe met and allied with the dukes here. He hewed the Mountain to guide the Huaihe River to flow out and three times passed the front of his residence without entering. Climb up Mount Tushan and enjoy the splendid view of the Huaihe River flowing in the shape of an "S". The available scenic spots include Temple of the King Yu in Mount Tushan and the White Milk Spring in Huaiyuan. Enjoy the flower-drum lantern dance performance in the evening. Stay in Bengbu for the night.

Day07:Your departure. 
Place & Transport:Hefei & Flight or Train
Today's Activities:End the travel route. Depart for Hefei, Nanjing or Beijing by train or by bus

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