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Nanjing-Chuzhou-Lake Wanfo-Tiantang Zhai-
Tour  code:AHT04
B=Breakfast     L=Lunch       D=Dinner
Day  by  day  itinerary:
Day01:Drive from Nanjing to Chuzhou.    
Place & Transport:chuzhou & Auto
Today's Activities:
Drive from Nanjing to Chuzhou (100 kilometers, 1 hour). Tour Mount Langyashan – a key China's scenic area in Chuzhou City, where Temple of Langyan, the Drunkard Pavilion, Hall of Erxian, the Niang Spring and the Sober Garden lie, of which the Drunkard Pavilion gets to be known universally for the famous essay "Writing on the Drunkard Pavilion" by the litterateur Ouyang Xiu of the North Dynasty. After lunch, drive to Lake Wanfo in Shucheng County (200 kilometers, 2 hours). Shucheng County, subordinate to Liuan City, was the hometown of Zhou Yu, a famous general in the period of the Three Kingdoms. Lake Wanfo covers an area of 50 square kilometers and stores 0.82 billion steres water, with mountains all around, good vegetation and clear water. Lodge and tour are provided on the islands in the lake. The picturesque view of the broad lake water and the sky can make you relaxed and joyful. Stay in Shucheng County for the night.
Day02: Drive to Tiantang Zhai    
Place & Transport:Tiantang Zhai & Auto
Today's Activities:
Drive to Tiantang Zhai (Heavenly Village) (150 kilometers, 2 hours). Tiantang Zhai is a mountain scenic area situated in southwest of Jinzhai County bordering Hubei Province. It is praised as the "Last Virgin Forest of East China" and "Natural Shelter for Animals and Plants" for its well-preserved ecological environment and the forest coverage of 96.5 percent. On the way to the top of the mountain there are five natural waterfalls. Take cable cars to climb the Heavenly Street (more than 1,600 meters above the sea level) and enjoy the splendid view of Mount Dabieshan spanning over two provinces. Stay at Tiantang Zhai for the night.
Day03: Arrive in Jinzhai County by bus .     
Place & Transport:Jinzhai & Bus
Today's Activities:
Arrive in Jinzhai County by bus (60 kilometers, about 1 hour). Jinzhai County is one of the old revolutionary bases in Mount Dabieshan and also the famous General County. Its county seat, situated in the basin surrounded by green mountains and clear waters, was an important battlefield in the Second Civil Revolution War. The main attractions include the Jinzhai Revolution Memorial inscribed by Deng Xiaoping, Meishan Reservoir and the Revolution Memorial Tower inscribed by Liu Bocheng. Stay in Jinzhai County for the night.
Day04:Depart for Hefei by bus         
Place & Transport:Hefei & Bus
Today's Activities:
Depart for Hefei by bus (180 kilometers, 2 hours). In the afternoon visit Anhui Provincial Museum, the Temple and Tomb of Bao Zheng, the former residence of Li Hongzhang and so on. Stay in Hefei for the night.
Day05:Depart for Nanjing or Shanghai       
Place & Transport:Nanjing or Shanghai & Flight or Train
Today's Activities:
Depart for Nanjing or Shanghai and wind up the tour.
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