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Tour code:AHTO3
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Day  by  day  itinerary:
Day01: Drive to Fengyang from Nanjing or Hefei.        
Place & Transport:Fengyang & Auto
Today's Activities:
Drive to Fengyang from Nanjing or Hefei. Fengyang County, 23 kilometers off the south of Bengbu City, is the hometown of Zhu Yuanzhang (1328-1398), the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty and also the cradle of agricultural contracting system in China's reform and opening up. It is abundant in tourism resources. Here you can visit the National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit - the Ming Middle Capital, the tomb site of Emperors of Ming Dynasty, Temple Longxing, and the Jiushan Cave, and enjoy the famous Fengyang Flower-Drum Performance. The Ming Middle Capital, built in 1369, was the pilot-design of Forbidden City in Beijing, with a large amount of elegant stone carvings preserved, whose extravagance even exceeds that of the Imperial Palace. Stay in Bengbu City for the night.
Day02: Drive north to Guzhen        
Place & Transport:Guzhen & Auto
Today's Activities:
Drive north to Guzhen County and Lingbi County (110 kilometers, about 2 hours). Visit the relics of the 'Waterloo' in the Chinese history - the Chu-Han Gaixia Battle in B.C. 203 and the Yu Ji Tomb in Lingbi County, where Xiang Yu, Overlord of the Chu Kingdom, was defeated horse and foot, sang farewell to his favorite singer Yu Ji and fled to the Wujiang River. Stay in Suzhou City for the night.
Day03: Take a bus ride to Bozhou.        
Place & Transport:Bozhou & Bus
Today's Activities:
Take a bus ride to Bozhou. On the way, tour the Shegu Terrace - the relics of Daze Village Revolt at the end of the Qin Dynasty, Shuangduiji Battle Memorial where the Huangwei corps of KMT Army was entirely defeated in the Huaihai Battle, the Zhuangzi Temple in Mengcheng County and the Laozi Palace in Guoyang County, and enjoy the sight of the large expanse of plain over north of the Huaihe River. Stay in Bozhou City for the night.
Day04: Full day visiting in Bozhou.        
Place & Transport:Bozhou & Auto
Today's Activities:
Tour Bozhou City for the whole day. Bozhou, with over 3000 years of history, is a famous historical and cultural city of China and the hometown of the historical figures Cao Cao and Hua Tuo of the Three Kingdoms Period. You may visit the Ancestral Tomb of the Cao Family, the Huazu Nunnery, the Drama Pavilion, Cao Cao's Underground Army Transport Path and so forth. Bozhou is also one of the four medicine capitals of China, where you can visit the big Chinese medicinal material markets, buy freely the medicinal materials and enjoy the Five-bird Show - an ancient setting-up exercise created by Hua Tuo. Stay in Bozhou City for the night.
Day05: Your departure.        
Place & Transport:Bozhou & Train
Today's Activities:
Depart for Kaifeng or Zhengzhou and end the tour route.
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