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Huangshan Climate

Huangshan City has a subtropThe chart below is the information of Huangshan Cityical monsoon climate which features distinctive four seasons, shorter spring and autumn ( about 2 months each season ), longer summer and winter ( about 4 mouths each season ). Huangshan City has enough heat and plentiful rainfall concentrated from March to July. The annual average temperature of the city is 16.4 degrees Celsius. Average is 28.1 degrees Celsius in the hottest July, 3.8 degrees Celsius in the coldest January. The record high is 41.5 degrees Celsius, the record average high is 38.9 degrees Celsius. The record low is -15.2 degrees Celsius, the record average low is -9.9 degrees Celsius. The average precipitation ranges from 1395 mm to 1702 mm, mostly in west Qimen County, northeast Yixian County, northweat Shexian County and Mt.Huangshan with a annual average of 2000 mm. More than 60 % of the annual rainfall is distributed from March to July. City Huangshan has more sunshine in summer, less in spring and autumn, least in winter. The sun shines on an average of 164 days a year.

While weather on Mt. Huangshan is not a problem, space can be. On May Day and National Day, legal holiday for the whole nation, swarms of people travel to Mt. Huangshan, putting severe strains on accommodation and restaurants. Tourists are advised to avoid Mt. Huangshan on these holidays.

As the temperature on Mt. Huangshan is about 10C (50F), lower than in the flat areas, and windy, you are advised to bring a coat even in summer although some hotels do offer overcoat rentals. If you go to Mt. Huangshan in winter, bring warm clothes, preferably fleece or down. It is always wise to check the weather report the day before. For safety reasons during summer thunderstorms visitors are not allowed to hold umbrellas as the wind may catch them and cause falls down the mountain. Raincoats are preferable.

Detailed information about the Average, Maximum and Minimum Temperatures and the rainfall in Mt.Huangshan.

Average Data Jan Feb Mar Apr May June
Average High (F) 43/46 46/50 54/59 66/70 75/79 82/86
Average High (C) 6/8 8/10 12/15 19/21 24/26 28/30
Average Low (F) 25/32 28/36 37/41 48/52 59/63 64/70
Average Low (C) -4/-0.1 -2/2 3/5 9/11 15/17 18/21
Rain (in) 3.0/3.1 4.2/4.4 7.1/7.3 9.4/9.6 11.6/11.8 16.7/16.9
Rain (mm) 75/80 107/112 180/185 238/243 295/300 425/430

Average Data July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average High (F) 88/91 90/93 79/82 70/75 59/64 46/52
Average High (C) 31/33 32/34 26/28 21/24 15/18 8/11
Average Low (F) 73/79 72/77 64/68 52/56 41/45 31/32
Average Low (C) 23/26 22/25 18/20 11/13 5/7 -0.2/0
Rain (in) 12.1/12.3 11.4/11.6 6.9/7.1 4.1/4.3 3.3/3.5 2.2/2.4
Rain (mm) 308/313 290/295 175/180 105/110 83/88 57/62