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Huangshan Tips

How Early should I start Hiking Huangshan Mountain?
Begin your hike up Huangshan Mountain early, as it takes approximately 6 hours to reach the summit.

The majority of overseas tourists usually make their tour on the rear part of the top, that is to say they get onto the top from eastern side and their hiking is extended around the concentrated scenic highlights, such as Bright Top, Lion Peak, and Begin-believe Peak.
The tourists covering this part are satisfied with easy-reached scenic spots and gentle walk paths.

But most the domestic tourists and some energetic overseas back-packers prefer trekking from the front part to the rear part of the mountain top. They start from Mercy-light Pavilion either on foot or by cable car, they will challenge the following well-know spots: Celestial Capital Peak, Jade Screen Peak, they will have a rest at Greeting Pine areas. Afterwards they will conquer pass by Lotus Peak and thread through Narrow Passage. Then they can have a big lunch at a flat top before they continue the trekking to the Bright Top. By then they join the two parts together. The greatest benefits of trekking from the front part are that you can conquer the summit and enjoy the different styles of the splendid landscapes: the lofty peaks and narrow passages on the front and vivid-looking rocks on the cliff in the rear part.

According to our 10 years of Mt.Huangshan tour  experience, you can try the front—rear tour path if you are not aged and little bit energetic. The only challenge is 4 hour’s trekking on the path, down and up steps by turn all the way. But you will have a worthy reward as you can cover all the major scenic spots on the top.

What should I bring with me?
It is very important that you bring comfortable shoes. Be prepared to climb hundreds of steps to the various peaks. As stairs are narrow and the ground sometimes slippery, be careful when you walk along the edge of cliffs. Sneakers are good enough while sturdy, comfortable hiking shoes are a better choice. Bring a jacket with you on your hike. Temperatures drop as the altitude increases, and the weather is a little chilly in the late evening through early morning. Purchase bottled water and some light snacks before arriving at the foot of Huangshan Mountain . Once you arrive at Huangshan, the higher you climb, the higher the prices climb with you. In case of rain, it is recommended that you bring a raincoat instead of an umbrella, because the winds on the mountain can be extremely strong. It is a safety hazard to use an umbrella. A rain jacket will protect you from both rain and wind. It is also recommended you bring a walking stick with you. Walking sticks are very useful even if you are just going up and down by cable car and walking the steps on the top of Huangshan Mountain. A walking stick can help you balance and reduce the weight on your knees. A walking stick that you used to tackle China's Huangshan Mountain might just be the perfect souvenir to remember the wonderful and tiring moments on Mt. Huangshan.

Should I hire a porter?
It is recommended that you leave all unnecessary items behind, as there are many steps. If you have no choice but to travel with your luggage and your hotel is at the summit, it is recommended that you hire a porter to carry your bags. The porter will walk along with you explaining major sites along the way (only in Chinese though), and look after you! The first price given is always too high, so it is necessary to negotiate the price first with the porter before you begin.

Does Huangshan Mountain have a Smoking Policy?
Smoking is not permitted on all parts of the mountain. There are designated smoking areas. Visitors are asked to do their part in preventing fire caused by cigarettes.

Best place to View
The following sites are the best places to enjoy the wonderful sceneries of Yellow Mountain like sunrise, sunset, Cloud Sea, and snowscape.

Sunrise : Refreshing Terrace, Shuguang Pavilion, Lion Peak, Jade Screen Pavilion, Bright Peak
Sunset: Paiyun (Cloud Dispersing) Pavilion, Red Cloud Peak
Cloud Sea: Jade Screen Pavilion, Refreshing Terrace, White Goose Ridge, Paiyun Pavilion, Bright Peak
Snowscape: Jade Screen Pavilion, North Sea, Pine Valley, Cloud Valley, Hot Spring

It is very expensive to take food on the mountains.The consumption level is very high on the mountain.  Because everything was carried up to the top by porters working for Huangshan Scenic Area. Things up on the mountain cost almost 5 times as much as they cost down the mountain. For example, a mineral water which is only 1.5 yuan can be 8 yuan on the mountain. For example, a bowl of common porridge will take about CNY 3 and CNY 10 only for a bowl of vegetable soup, and the price of a buffet is CNY90 per person at Beihai Hotel on the mountains. It is highly suggested to provide some portable food for yourself as the biscuits, bread, ham and egg etc. before climbing.  So does other things. And the room of 4 star hotel on the mountain is over 1000 yuan per night in the peak season.  The better way to save money is bringing water and food with you when you begin your tour.  And it can also help you save lots of money if you stay overnight at the feet of the mountain.

Mt. Huangshan Scenic Spot

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