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Beihai Scenic Area

North Sea Scenic Area has plenty of wonders. Before your eyes flash the Shixin Peak, the Lion Peak, the Refreshing Terrace, the Monkey Gazing at the Sea, the Flying Stone and more.

Flying Stone

It is said that only when you come to Shixin Peak that you will believe the magic of Mt. Huangshan. Or you won't see the Huangshan pines until you come to this  Peak.

Huangshan scenic area of Huangshan Beihai Scenic Spot is the hinterland, and the only letter in the Bright Summit Peak, Lion Peak, goose between the peaks, the East Valley area Lian, Yu-Ping area south and north near Pine Valley area. Is a mountain about 1,600 meters above sea level open area, an area of 1316 hectares. North Sea area to the peak for the body, a collection of peaks, stone, stone bridge, dock, Taiwan, and pine, cloud wonders to Wei, strange, dangerous, Magic featuring Heavenly's wonderful layout, color changing glass, form a rate Wei, Qi, magic, and danger of the natural picture, is the Huangshan scenic window. Lion Peak, cool sets, monkey view of the sea, fairy treasure back, the dream pen flower, flying stones, the South China Sea toward Eighteen other so that visitors dizzying. North Sea peaks blend, Shek Mun peak, Gong Yangshan, are considered the peak of more than 1,800 meters above sea level, shaped like a barrier, separating north and south. Peak of 1690 meters above sea level but the lion's head lying in the East End area into the West. Beginning to Believe Peak, though not of the days are, Lotus peak height, not in the list of 36 major peaks, but the sink ranked insurance, erection, such as cut, three facing the sink, little knowledge is a cliff, peak Impossible Land, near Lan distance, things to be Church, the ancient "buildings or a male Huangshan, quiet spirit gathered after the show sea" of the sentence,  china tour operator more "before the letter Huangshan World Church" reputation. Lion Peak is the viewing platform on the sea of clouds and cool the best at sunrise.

the Lion Peak

North Sea is the main scenic spots of Huangshan mountain and visit the reception area to the North Sea hotel as the center. Register now form a four way since ancient times, from the spring through Ciguang Ge, Yu-Ping House, the day the South Sea to the North Sea (the construction of a Yuping cableway); from the coke by the fishing village of Bridge, the day the sea to the North Sea, West; from suffering through Yungu Si Zhuxi to Baie Ling, North Sea Road (construction of a cloud valley cableway); from Hibiscus Ridge by the Pine Valley Nunnery, eighteen bends climbing to the North Sea Road (construction of a Pacific cable); North Sea is located in the Huangshan Mountain Center, East and West four Ishidan Road are to the North Sea, North Sea Trail and the scenic spots while visiting connected to form a network, the North Sea will naturally flow together into the area.

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