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Lotus Peak of Mt.Huangshan

Lian Hua Peak (Lotus Peak) has an elevation of over 1873 meters. Its shape resembles a lotus blossom, giving the peak its name. The "blossom" is over ten feet in width. There is a small pool located in the middle of the "blossom" named Moon Pool. From the apex, visitors can see thousands peaks and numerous ravines in the misty clouds. On a clear day, Tianmu Mountain can be seen in the east, Lushan Mountain in the west, Jiuhua Mountain and the Yangtze River in the north. The sea of clouds viewed from Lotus Peak is most spectacular after a rain.

Lotus Peak of Mt.Huangshan

Climbing from Lotus Peak, visitors can see the many ancient pines that dot the landscape. Scenic spots such as Flying Dragon pine, Head Downwards Pine, and Huangshan Mountain's azaleas can be seen along the way.

Lotus Peak of Mt.Huangshan

One interesting thing seen by visitors climbing to Lotus Peak are iron chains covered with brass locks. The locks were placed there by young lovers, couples, or families from both home and abroad. When visitors come here, they have their names, or some words engraved on the locks. They then lock the locks onto the chains and throw the keys down the mountain. This symbolizes that their love or luck will be forever locked to Huangshan Mountain.

Hiking along Lotus Range in Huangshan

With an altitude of 1,365 meters, the Lotus Range is the northern entrance of Huangshan Mountain. The section from the Lotus Range to Pine Valley Scenic Area is a perfect area for hiking tours. The route takes approximately eight hours. Beginning at the Lotus Range, hikers walk along the mountain paths through the North Sea Scenic Area to arrive at the Pine Valley Scenic Area. This hike has over 6,500 stone steps, and requires a bit of endurance to conquer the 12.5 kilometers distance.

Along the route, there are many scenic wonders to see. A few kilometers past the Lotus Range is the Cloud Dispelling Pavilion, the West Sea Scenic Area and the North Sea Scenic Area. They are a gathering of mountain peaks. In these scenic areas, visitors can appreciate mountains, bizarre rock formations, ancient pines, the sea of clouds, and traditional pavilions nestled in the mountains. Because of its perfect location and amazing views, the North Sea Scenic Area is called the "Picture Window" of Huangshan Mountain. North of the North Sea Scenic Area is the Pine Valley Scenic Area, where there are strange rocks, beautiful crystal clear ponds, and ancient pine groves. The ancient pine trees and rock formations are the highlights of the area. Open to a valley in three directions, the Cooling Terrace, Pine Valley Scenic Area's viewing area, is an ideal place for watching Huangshan Mountain's sunrises and the sea of clouds. After descending the mountain path from the Cooling Terrace, visitors proceed to the Lotus House and Pine Valley Nunnery at the bottom of the North Sea Scenic Area which is mysterious and peaceful. There is a forested area there that is called the "Cool World" by locals because even in the middle of summer, the area is cool with fresh breezes blowing through the pines.

The hiking tour through this area is a bit arduous, but it is really worth it. This area has very few tourists, and chances are, visitors hiking through this area might not see another human being till they get to the end. The area is largely untouched by humans and is very natural and extremely peaceful. For visitors who do not wish to hike the entire distance can take the cable car that runs from the Pine Valley Nunnery to the Pine Forest Peak. The views from the cable cars are magnificent and give visitors a bird's eye view of the area. There are also a number of hotels near the Pine Forest Peak which serve visitors food as well as other necessities.

This section of Huangshan Mountain is one of the best. If adventurous visitors feel up for the physical activity, it is definitely worth the effort. It is recommended that hikers bring as little with them as possible to lighten their load. Comfortable non-skid shoes and a rain jacket are advised. If when you finish your hike it is getting late it is recommended that visitors stay in one of the hotels located in the area before setting off on your next adventure.

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