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Hot Springs Scenic Area

Hot Springs Scenic Area was named Xanadu. With the Grasping Beautiful Scenes Bridge as its hub,this scenic area has Peach Blossom Stream and Xiaoyao Stream flowing through it.

Running along the Purple Peak, the Hot Springs Scenic Area is located 850 meters (2, 789 feet) above sea level

It is 1.5 km (0.93 miles) to the entrance to the Front Mountain (the
Merciful Light Pavilion) and 7 km (4.35miles) to that of the Rear
Mountain (the Cloud Valley Temple). You can simply walk to the first of these while there are buses to the latter one.

The scenery at Huangshan Mountain's Hot Springs Scenic Zone is some of the most beautiful on earth

Here you can enjoy the hot spring as well as the waterfalls. Also worth mentioning is the Singing String Spring. A rock of 9 meters (29.5feet) long has tweedle-like sounds when struck by the spring water. The name carved on the rock was the handwriting of Li Bai (701-762), one of China's most brilliant poets.

Legends say that the ancestor of the Chinese nation, bathed here 49 days before he ascended to heaven

The hot Spring is located at the south of purple stone peak. Its elevation is 650 meters. The average temperature of main spring’s mouth is 42.5 centigrade and the deputy one is 41.1 centigrade. The maximum current capacity day and night reaches 219.5 tons and the minimum is 145.23 tons. The hot spring has some good effects on some system’s diseases, such as digestion, nerve, cardiovascular, metabolism and exercise. The hot spring area has several main scenic spots: the Inverted V Falls, the Three Folding Spring, the Ringing String Spring, the Red Well, the Tipsy Rock and the Mercy Light Chamber.

Besides the many natural hot springs at the Hot Springs Scenic Area, the area has many beautiful scenic spots such as: Grasping Beautiful Scenes Bridge, Cascade Viewing Pavilion, Yiran Pavilion, Merciful Light Pavilion, Alchemic Well, Sword Testing Stone, Drunk Stone, Peach Blossom Rivulet, serene lake, and numerous waterfalls.

There are a number of cozy hotels at the Hot Spring Scenic Area, and it is very easy to reach the Jade Screen Scenic Area by cable cars located next to the Merciful Light Pavilion.

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