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Advanced Shanghai-Hangzhou Bullet Train

t is the great change! After the fast-speed railway built up for operation from Shanghai to Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province in August, 290km away Northwest forward of Shanghai, another high-speed railway from Shanghai to Hangzhou at distance of 230km Southwest forward of Shanghai, has been built up under the operation. Today Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing and other picturesque attractive cities around the areas are linked together by the much faster bullet train, called the area of “one hour delta area for better life”.
Compared with any other bullet train, this train reaches the speed of 416km, much faster than others on the operation because of its much advanced science and techniques and elaborate construction. ”It is a revolutionary impact to the space and speed” and “it changes our life as the jet age came to us in 1960s or the steamers in the 18th century”.
People love to travel by even simply driving cars from home as a new setting forth and flying their hearts. Travel and changing the views and places always impart new vigor to the mind. Taking the bullet train among Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou and Wuxi may not only be faster but also more comfortable. Sightseeing by allocation one in the glorious lounge, visitors may enjoy the newly advanced science and technique attraction. The bullet train is running whole distance on the high bridge way across over the green farming land, lakes and rivers, highways, villages and cities. Train and seats are designed at state excellent level. With stirring sight and nice relaxation, you can drink tea beyond the noises and read the world as a book pages to pages. It makes people never forget travel experience and enjoyment. Many state heads and government delegations from abroad took the bullet train while visiting Shanghai EXPO in this October. It is impressive to them all.
The bullet train between Hangzhou and Shanghai only takes 1-1.5 hours running the whole distance and has 50 bidirectional departures per day. It departs every about 30 minutes either from Shanghai or Hangzhou in the day time. Between Shanghai and Nanjing, the train runs 1.5-2 hours for the whole distance with another daily 46 bidirectional departures at around every 20 minutes for each departure. Between Hangzhou and Nanjing via Shanghai it has another 4 bidirectional departures. It is a sufficient and efficient way of traveling at the delta areas of Shanghai.
The price for the bullet train between Hangzhou and Shanghai one way is RMB 115 pp for First Class Seat (relocated seats with 2 + 2) and RMB 92 pp for Regular Seat (relocated seats at 2 +.3). Shanghai / Nanjing is at a price of RMB 212 pp for First Class or RMB 169 for Regular. All seats are with executive space for comfort orientation.
CITS Head Office believes that bullet train is another highlight after Olympic and EXPO for tour program.
The original most popular programs as Beijing-Xian-Shanghai or Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Shanghai would recharge Hangzhou or Nanjing into the programs such as changing to Beijing-Xian-Hangzhou and then Shanghai by arranging the bullet train as the most interesting tip and extra highlight significantly. We believe that it is the value should be added, no-missing for any well-planned tour program.