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Porcelain and Palaces:

A Ceramic Tour of China

Tour Code:JX-CQ-05
Duration: 15days
Group Size: 2-15 people
Difficulty level: Moderate or mild
Tour route:Beijing-Xi'an-Xiamen-Hangzhou-Shanghai-Jingdezhen-Shanghai
China is renowned for its ceramics. Its achievements include the world’s earliest porcelain as well as one of the world’s ceramic wonders: the “Terra-cotta Warriors.” Ceramics continue to be made in regions of China where ancient kilns once operated. China’s museums hold rare ceramic masterworks---some recovered by archaeologists, some assembled by past emperors. This unusual tour includes visits to all the major cultural sites in China as well as several infrequently visited, but important ceramic production centers. In cosmopolitan cities and small villages, there will be opportunities to visit public and private museums, private collections, ancient kiln sites and the workshops of contemporary Chinese ceramicists.

Day and day itinerary

Day01:Arrive in Beijing
Place & Transport:Beijing & Flight
Today's Activities:Upon your arrival,our tour guide will pick you up and check in to the hotel

Day02-04:Beijing 2 nights
Place & Transport:Beijing & Full auto
Today's Activities:Our program begins in Beijing, the capital city of China for the past 800 years. We will experience the monumental Forbidden City with a focus on porcelain gallery of Wen Hua Palace), the private museum of Ancient Potter Civilization, meet with a group of private shard collectors with a lecture given by our study leader. (A customized pre Trip is on request)
Day04-06: Xi'an 2 nights
Place & Transport:Xi'an & Flight
Today's Activities:We will travel to Xi’an by air, an ancient city homed 13 ancient capitals in Chinese History. Accompanied with a Yaozhou Caledon expert, we will be visiting to Yaozhou Celedon Kiln Ruins Museum, Song Dynasty Kiln Site and Tang Dynasty tri-color Pottery Kiln site as well as the Porcelain Making Village of Chenglu. Our two days Xi’an trip also includes a very special access in the Terra-cotta Warriors Museum, Shaanxi Provincial History Museum with chance to view the original Tang Dynasty Frescos Archives as well as Yang Mausoleum of Han Dynasty.

Day06-08:Xiamen 2 nights
Place & Transport:Xiamen & Flight
Today's Activities:We continue flying to Xiamen (Amoy), the harbor city in southeast China. Enjoy a day excursion to Dehua County accompanied by a specialist who excavated the kiln ruins in Dehua. Visits to Qu Dou Gong Ancient Kilns site; Dehua Porcelain Museum; the studio of Master Qiu, the Ancient Dragon Kiln which is still functioning and the nearby Pottery center, A lecture given by our study leader will also be held in this city.
Day08-10:Hangzhou 2 nights
Place & Transport:Hangzhou & Express bus
Today's Activities:Our next stop is Hangzhou, an ancient capital of China extolled by Marco Polo for its beauty of lake and the surrounding countryside. The well-preserved Soul Retreat Temple, Yanxia Caves and Chinese Medicine Museum on the Song Street are on our wish list to visit, and the highlight here is to visit the Southern Song Dynasty Guan Kiln Museum. An optional night show is available for you to enjoy the legends and the beauty of this city.

Day10-12:Shanghai 2 nights
Place & Transport:
Shanghai & Coach
Today's Activities:Coach transfer to Shanghai – the most dynamic city of City, once we reach Shanghai, we will explore its feisty, hybrid culture by ourselves and Shanghai Museum is on top of our lists. We will be accompanied by a museum specialist to enrich our knowledge of Chinese culture by study the bronze wares, jades wares as well as ceramics. A Lecture will be given by our study leader.

Day12-14:Jingdezhen 2.5 nights
Place & Transport:Jingdezhen & Flight
Today's Activities:Fly to Jingdezhen,“the capital of Ceramic”.To fulfill the dream of many porcelain lovers, in our 3 full days, we will visit the Ancient Pottery Factory, Dragon Pearl Pavilion to have a special view of the porcelains unearthed from the Imperial Kilns, Pottery Workshop at the Sculpture Factory, discussion with famous and promising young artists for their unique ceramic creations, a private visit to the studio of a potter whose impressive replicas of Yuan dynasty Blue and White might even fool the experts. A day excursion to Yaoli – an ancient village where Kaolin were found.

Day14-15:Back to Shanghai  1 night
Place & Transport:Shanghai & Flight
Today's Activities:We will take evening flight from Jingdezhen to Shanghai and spend a night at this fascinating city again before returning home.

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