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Ancient Golf Club

Course Add::Flat 1,County Government Building, South Shangri-la Avenue, Lijiang City

Lijiang Ancient Town Lakefront Golf Club, is located at the foot of Mount Wenbi and is only 8kin from the Ancient City of Lijiang. Winding along Wenbihai Lake, with Yulong Snow Mountain in the background, the golf course features beautiful natural views from a bill lop and the surrounding lake. The new Ynlong  County is located to the east, Mount Wenbi to the south, Yulong Snow Mountain and Lijiang Ancient City to the north、 a Naxi village to the west. and the pristine Wenbihai Lake centered in the middle of the property

Brief introduction to the designer of the golf course

Mr. Joe Obringer has been working in the field of golf course design, construction and administration for 25 years. He used to hold a post in the world-famous Nicklaus Golf Design Company, and mastenninded or participated inthe design and construction of over 30 top-ranking golf courses in the world. Some of them are rated at the top of American and global ranking lists. In April of 2003, Mr. Joe Obringer resigned from the Nicklans Golf Design Company and returned to China to pursue his personal design business. Utilizing his years of experience, he is committed to further introdluce advanced golf course designing techniques, construction, and administration to Chinese golf enterprises, with the intent of elevating them to a higher level, Lijiang Ancient Town Lakefront Golf Club, which is one of Mr. Obringer's earliest individual effort, fully reveals his picturesque and talented design ideas.

Design Ideology

Combination with the environment: the design of the golf course should adapt to the natural terrain, so the 18 holes naturally blend with the environment. The first nine holes made full use of the hilly zone between the Wenbi Peak and the lake, thus presenting a mountainous style of golf: whereas the nine holes on the back stretches along the vast lakeside, creating wonderful lake views and watery hazards.

Natural shaping: the original plants, trees, and topography were retained as much as possible during the design and construction of the course and the mountain and the lake enhances the natural views from each hole.

The Course

The 18 holes are distributed in the 1200mu ( 12 hectares) golf course along Wenbi Lake at an elevation of 2,300 meters. Owing to the high altitude, the course does not play very, long, but they provide many different options for golfers. Thereforre, the golf course may not suit a player who prefers long courses, but more suited to players who like to think their way around the course. Thc topography is varied
and the course is stretched out along the property.  Bunkers. water, swales and primitive stones present many challenges and hazards on this 7661 yard course.
Once you have played here, you will feel entertained, challenged, and relaxed at the same time.

General Layout: the design accomplished in making the maximum use of the villa zone, while keeping the distinctive dividing line between the villas and the course. It is a great combination of functional design and scenic charms.

Enjoying great views from the face of Mount Wenbi and the beautifully pristine Wenbihai Lake, with the pure Yulong Snow Mountain in the distant backdrop, Lijiang Ancient Town Lakefront Golf Club,has the perfect and most scenic location for all to enjoy.

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