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                             Restaurants  in  Nanjing


The Delicious Food in Nanjing

Nanjing cuisine has all along been known as the famous course of Nanjing and Jiangsu Province. The characteristics of flavor lie in its mellow taste, neither too salty nor too light, which suits the appetite of everybody. The sumptuous course preserves its natural flavor with fresh and good smell, crisp, soft and tender tastes as its main features.

Dried Salted Duck
Nanjing is famous for its dried salted duck both at home and abroad, which has its market in Hong Kong and southeastern region. The characteristics of the Nanjing dried salted duct, apart from its plumpness in appearance, lies in its rich delicacy with white tender skin, tasting crisp, fragrant, pressed soft and aftertaste everlasting.

Salt Solution Duck
It tastes oily but not greasy. Your appetite will increase after tasting it. It is characterized as good smell, crisp and tender.

Jinling Snacks
Nanjing Confucian temple is the place of origin of Jinling snacks, which has a long history and a great variety of snacks. With the development of the municipal construction, the network of snacks has increasingly been developed. Apart from the Confucian Temple area, places of light refreshments and snacks have gradually come into being in a rather compact way, in Xinjiekou, Changle Road, Shanxi Road, Zhongyangmen, etc. there are such well-known snack stores as Liu Feng Ju (for jellied bean curd, green onion pancake), Qin yuan Chun (Wan Ton), dumpling soup, (flour-light refreshments), Lian Hu Sweet Snack Store (cake in Russian style) etc.


Well-known Restaurants Location:

Liu Hua Chun Western side of Railway Station  
Lao Zheng Xing Restaurant No. 119 Gong Yuan St.  
Wei Zhen Xiang Restaurant No. 23 Shanxi Rd.  
Da San Yuan Restaurant No. 38 Zhong Shan Rd.  
Sichuan Restaurant No. 171 Taiping Rd.  
Tong Qing Lou Restaurant No. 10 South Zhong Shan Ri.  
Hua Le Yuan Restaurant No. 207 Jian Kang Rd.