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Shaobing of Zhenjiang

The Orient Hamburgers Shaobing is one of the favorites of Zhenjiang people. As easy as making bread, Shaobing has some charateristics, such as convenient, speedy, tasty, and of course, cheap. Since it was first made during Han Dynasty and Wei Dynasty (BC 426-BC 45), Shaobing, which was called Hubing formerly and was changed to Mabing later, has a history of more than one thousand years. Chinese charater Bing meaning Cake has many kinds, for example, Shaobing(baked over fire), Tangbing(eaten with hot water of soup), Zhengbing(steamed in the bamboo steamer), and Longbing(steamed bread). Before liberation, most of the Shaobing stores had very simple and crude workshops with a ten- block wooden door, a small shop front, a stove in front of the door, and only one chopping board. The condition was incredibly plain, but Shaobing they produced has a sweet aroma spreading in the air. No wonder said Zhou Boyi, a Zhenjiang literator in Qing Dynasty, "Blowed to my nose, the nice smell of baked Shaobing filled my chest." Shaobing has such stuffings as sugar, salt, green onion, fat of geese or ducks, chopped shepherd's-purse, minced pork, sweetened bean paste. Chasu-Shaobing, also being known as Yuanyangyou(mandarin ducks' fat) Bing, was characteristic of heavy fat, all-gingilis, clear layers, soft and crisp with lard blending sugar or salt in it. In the past, most of teashops sold these kinds of Shaobing, which were Caoxiedi(bottoms of straw sandals) Shaobing and Chaohuban(scepter) Shaobing named after their shapes. It seemed that sitting and chatting in the teashops, having a pot of tea and some Caoxiedi Shaobing with a dish of tender ginger was the part of Zhenjiang people's convention.

Now, Zhenjiang still has many Shaobing shops, but some of them bake Shaobing by electricity instead of fire. Their business is quite good and demand exceeds supply sometimes. The kinds of Shaobing is enriched by local famous Bing, just like Huangqiao(a place in North of Jiangsu)