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Qingdao City is located in the south of Shandong Peninsula. It is a key economic center, open coastal city and tourism spot in China,known as "Oriental

In the east part of Qingdao is located Laoshan District, which covers an area of 389.34 km2 and has a population of 191,400. With three national class areas inside, namely the Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, Shilaoren National Tour Resort and Laoshan Scenic Spot, Laoshan is now sparing no effort to build itself into a district featured with "5-center and 4-type". The 5-center refers to  the Center of Hi-tech Industrial Development, The Center of Tourism and Holiday Resort, the Center of High Education, the Center of Commerce and Business and the Center of Festivals and Exhibitions, and the 4-type new area means economically-efficient, population-densed, tourism-adaptable and environment-friendly.In 2005, GDP of Laoshan District reached RMB19.698 billion, 17.6% up than last year.

Laoshan District attaches great importance to the development of hi-tech industries, modern tourism and modern services. In terms of hi-tech industry, the focus is laid on the following four leading sectors such as IT, Software, Marine Biological Pharmacy and new Materials. the district boasts 206 hi-tech enterprises including Haier, Lucent Technology and DIC, etc; over 40 scientific research institutes and enterprise R/D centers including FIO, No. 22 Institute Of Electronic Industry Ministry, No. 725 Institute Of China Shipping Industrial Group and Haier Central Research Institute, as well as 3 universities including China Ocean University, Qingdao University and Qingdao S/T University, thus it is the most talent-densed area. In terms of tourism, by exploring and integrating the advantages in its national class resorts, the district has developed and constructed some modern recreational, ecological, seaside sight-seeing tourism facility including the Polar Ocean World and Shilaoren Sightseeing Garden, cultivated some well-know festivals including Qingdao Intenational Beer Festival, Laoshan Tea Festival and Laoshan Tourism Culture Festival, which have become a new typical highlight in terms of modern service. The district is now working up into a new CBD in Qingdao by developing modern banking, insurance, securities and trust business, and modern intellectual services of industry information, technology evaluation, property right transfer and consultation as well.

Public Housing: There are many housing areas and modern multifunctional apartments, office buildings and villas with living, office, restaurant, recreation,
entertainment and holiday functions in various styles.
Culture Facility: There are Qingdao International Beer City, Oceanic Recreation City, Dolphin Exhibition Hall, Sculpture Park, 4-star hotels, seaside holiday villas, International Golf Club, Art Gallery, museum, Haier Science and Technology Gallery, International Exhibition Center and Sports Center, etc.
Every year,  Qingdao International Beer Festival, Laoshan Tourism Culture Festival, Laoshan Tea Festival, China International Electronics and Household Appliances Expoare held here.

Education : There are 65 schools and universities with 2,805 teachers and 28,956 students. Over 400 foreign students from America, Japan, Korea and other regions are studying here. There are famous schools such as Qingdao No.2 Middle School, Overseas Chinese School, Qingdao International School and Qingdao Senior Vocational School.

Health Facilities : The district has complete medical care system with prevention, treatment, care and research in one. There are Qingdao Wanjie Hospital,
Maternity and Child Care Center and Disease Control Center in the district. 

By Air
Qingdao Liuting International Airport (TAO) is located 23 kilometers (19.9 miles) from the center of the city. Flights connect more than 30 large Chinese cities, as well as foreign cities such as Tokyo, Fukuoka and Osaka in Japan; Seoul, Inchon and Daegu in Korea; and Singapore and regional areas like Hong Kong and Macau.
Ticket office CAAC: No. 29, Zhongshan Road, at the portal of Hunan Road, near Zhan Bridge
Airport Inquiry Number: 0532-96567

    56 domestic routes, 8 international routes and 1 route to Hong Kong and Macao regions are in operation to and from Qingdao International Airport. The airport is 31km from the city proper, and can be reached in about 50 minutes by a special bus from the CAAC booking office (Add:No.30, Xianggangzhong Road, Tel:82879790). A taxi to the airport will cost approximately RMB55. The No.305 bus shuttles between the city and the airport. There are 20 booking offices in the city and Qingdao CAAC Booking Office offers round-the-clock free booking and delivery of plane tickets(Tel:85775555). Passengers should leave sufficient time for travel and boarding formalities
Shuttle Bus
Bus No. 710 to and from airport and Haitian Hotel (on Hong Kong West Road)
From the airport to Haitian Hotel, the first bus leaves after the first flight arrives and the last bus leaves after the last flight arrives.
From Haitian Hotel to the airport, the first bus leaves at 6:00 and the last one leaves at 20:00. The interval is 1 hour.
Bus fare: CNY 15 per person
Qingdao Coach Station (Sifang Hotel) to and from the airport
From the airport to Qingdao Coach Station, the first bus leaves at 9:00 and the last one at 19:00. The interval is 1 hour.
From Qingdao Coach Station to the airport, the first bus leaves at 6:00, the last one at 18:00. The interval is 1 hour.
The bus fare is CNY 10 or CNY 15.
By Train

Qingdao Railway Station is located at No. 2, Tai'an Road, near the Zhan Bridge (Zhanqiao).
Every day, there are thirty or so pairs of trains operating between Qingdao and other cities such as Beijing (about nine hours), Shanghai (about 19 hours), Guangzhou (about 28 hours), Wuchang, Nanchang, Xuzhou, Zhengzhou, Xian, Lanzhou, Xining, Chengdu, Taiyuan, Dandong, and also cities inside Shandong Province such as Jinan (four to six hours), Heze, Yantai (three and a half hours), Zibo (three to four hours), and Weihai. Except for trains to Zibo, Yantai and Weihai, trains stopover at Jinan.
Tips: You can hail a taxi in the street outside the railway station square rather than in the parking lot because it saves money. It is only a couple of meters to the street.
    There are 50 train routes in operation to and from Qingdao Railway Station (Add: No.2, Tai'an Road). Tickets can be booked from 04:30 to 22:30 each day. Soft and hard berth and seat tickets can be booked 5 days in advance. Tickets reserved by telephone must be collected within a period of time before departure. Otherwise, they will be automatically cancelled (Tel:82962777).
Long-distance bus
    There are 12 long-distance passenger transport bus stations in qingdao. 970 large and medium size buses are in operation on 285 routes within Shandong Province and 116 buses (most with berths) operate on 95 routes to cities outside the province.
    Ferry ships run between Qingdao and Huangdao. The terminal in Qingdao is located at No.21 Sichuan Road and the terminal in Huangdao is at No.12 Liugongdao Road. The Ferry Company has 5 1000-t passenger vessels and 4 60 seat high speed ferry boats. Boats. Boats operate every 30 minutes and there are 56 sailings daily. The first sailing is scheduled at 6:30 and the last sailing is at 21:00. There are 42 high speed sailings dialy, one every 20 minute. The first voyage is scheduled 6:45 and the last voyage is at 18:20. Tickets can be purchased during operating hours at both the terminals. (Tel: Qingdao Terminal:82619279; Huangdao Terminal:86856949.)
ICE buses and trolley busses
    There are 140 ICE bus and trolley bus routes in the city, with 3,271 high-and-medium-grade buses. Most buses are coin-slot self-service buses, the fare is RMB1.00,(RMB2.00 for air-conditioning buses), irrespective of the length of journey.
    The fare for bus N0.321 is RMB2.00 for the whole journey and RMB1.00for half the journey (Qingdao University being the mid point). The fare is RMB0.80 for IC card users and RMB0.50 for IC card student users. A small number of buses are manned
with conductors or conductresses. On these buses the fare is RMB1.00 for a 1-12 stop-ride, an additional RMB0.50 will be charged for each additional 1-6 stops
    There are 105 taxi companies in the city with more than 8,870 standard and deluxe cars. The fare for deluxe cars is RMB10.00 for the first three kilometers and an additional RMB1.70will be charged for every other kilometer within 6 kilometers (an additional 50% return fare will be charged for rides longer than 6 kilometers). The fare for standard cars is RMB7.00 for the first three kilometers and an additional RMB1.20 will be charged for every other kilometer (the return fare is charged at the same rate as deluxe models). Between 22:00and 05:00, an additional RMB0.40 night fare will be charged for both cab types.When taking a taxi, you should jot down the number of the car. Short distance fares are paid according to the milometer but for long distance fares, the passenger should negotiate the fare before hand and insist on a receipt.
    Inquiries Tel:83807500
    Lost and Found Tel:83807502