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Sanya  Nightlife

Will the city with most of southern China, Sanya offers a totally different look sunny in winter, in comparison to North chilliness. You can use the famous Tianyi Haijiao, Yalong Bay sights crystal-clear sea water for swimming, diving and other sports.

The night is the time to let a little joy into the headlines paint in Hainan. After a fine dinner on the island with many restaurants, visitors are asked to go on the dance floor in a disco or take their trip on the microphone at a karaoke lounge located in hotels or in the increasing number of pubs and clubs are located in Sanya, London and elsewhere. A night in the city or in a swimming pool or beach barbecue May is ideal for a stopper memorable vacation in the tropics.


A new blue sea of luxury in Bar Street Haiyun read in Sanya has developed several bars and entertainment venues in the night. The Hot Spot, the sky and Pectopah Disco Bar-Bar are among the new offerings. Only a few blocks further is Yuya Road, which seems to be a room for the night life in their own.The Hot Spot: The Italian club, with disco music, a bar and dressed in little small list of bar dancers. Pizzeria Roma is located on the top floor of the Hot Spot. With Terrace, a piece of Italy with a real stove and a "Roman Room" with imperial calm. Together, the restaurant and bar, a delicious pleasure in the night.

The bar is from the street here in Sanya is There Xi Lu, in a strip from the surface of the river between two shopping centers are a series of bars, nightclubs and KTV. Smokey discos with a relentless techno-trance drone, the persistence of hot chicks. If what you're looking for, the relatively easy to find: Bar-Spark Plug Pusan, Golden Glory Nightclub, love at first sight, bar and club Sanya Hollywood.

To make something more experience of night life, is the spectacle of entertainment at 8:30 pm every night to dance strangely beautiful Showgirls acturally the men, but it is impossible to say who makes the race. Sanya, the night life is without doubt a heater.

Sanya has more than you think!

Allen story bar   

Location: Yuya Coast Plaza reads

A whole wall full of bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey, vodka and Finland, you know, not a bar to waste. The walls are decorated with good taste, interesting pictures in black and white rock bands of the past year, while the reggae and pop-American plays during the bar. Fire in the disco dance on the floor, wooden tables and francs from dark wood and metal. Allen is history, as the crew of a dive bar, the clothes to his girlfriend, his parents, but considerable research, calls are not really what this is all about.

To be or not to be square

On three floors with music by a live DJ with a balcony on the second floor, the KTV rooms and on the third. The place is bathed in red light and decided to air conditioning. Comfortable sofas, tables red line, Trance plays soft music in the background, a good place for an evening or quit. RMB380 for a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Mediterranean restaurant, a cafe and Hookah Lounge

This fair is the first and only cocktails and shisha in the hall of Sanya. Transparently with curtains, sofas, enchanting music and Shisha (Hookah), tobacco snuff in many flavors. European long list of wines and international cocktails.Don missing in the night!

Real Club Night
Sanya, the coastal city, the possibility of water sports such as diving, travel, sea and surf are available. Among them, the various types of recreational diving are very popular for visitors, in which the Wuzhizhou Island is the first region for divers. Sanya is also a wonderful place for golfers of all time, year-round and two of them are located in the famous Yalong Bay National Resort. You can also enjoy the nightlife in Sanya, which is the best way to taste alive. In general, these clubs are star hotels. 


Disco gave Lidu Hotel Sanya

Location: Located on the Place de Oro between XINFENG Road and Bridge Linchun in Sanya, in addition to the Crown of Beauty, at the Miss World-preg, and walk Sanya Government.This package is hainantour dot net, if you look at another site, please contact us.

Lidu Club is a popular spot for night life. 

Nightclub Guoxi Hotel Sanya

Location: Located near the Dadonghai, about 14km from Sanya Phoenix Airport, just 15 minutes by taxi from the airport.

Huangchao Club is a popular spot for night life. 

Coffee Time west of the food

Location: No. 2, Garden Lanhai of binghi Road, Sanya

It is a quiet place to the beauty of the night from Sanya. 

Paik Bar

Location: No. 53 West Road Hexi Sanya

Bujianbusan Bar

Location: No. 53 of Hexi Road, Sanya 

Hainan Sanya Resort Tianyu

Location: Yalong Bay resort district 

Coco Bar: Holiday Inn Resort Yalong Bay resort district
In the East End of Yalong Bay
Coco Bar, at the Hotel Holiday Inn, is one of the best beaches and bars in the vicinity of the main attractions in the area Yalong Bay. A large flock of meetings between the pool and the beach, Coco is an ideal place for the combination of salt water to their bodies and spirits, soft them. We are on a tropical drink in Happy Hour from 6:30 pm-7: 30pm.

Deep Blue Bar; Sanya Marriott Resort and Spa, Yalong Bay National Resort District
At the west end of Yalong Bay

One of the best places for a drink after dinner is, without doubt, Deep Blue, on the beach of the Hotel Marriott. If the mood light, large selection of drinks, cozy atmosphere and it is not enough, we at half price Happy Hour. They are RMB45 mixed drinks, sangria and 55RMB a vase or a pitcher RMB145.

Gloria bar on the beach; Gloria Resort Sanya, Yalong Bay National Resort District
At the west end of Yalong Bay

Sitting in the sand, Gloria's Grill snack bar and alcohol, with tables on the roof of a large, to go hand in hand with many drinks. An excellent place for an afternoon barbecue or a glass of tea after dinner tropical. Mixed drinks for RMB48, RMB58 for marguiritas. Barbecue RMB6 vegetables, chicken and burgers for RMB20-35.

Nightclub or Glory: the luxury of entertainment. Mon Hexi Road.

Havana Bar: 1 / F, Crowne Plaza Sanya, Yalong Bay National Resort Area

      Dynamics salsa hineingegossen with tasty tapas and exotic drinks. Jumps Havana bar with live music to dance to boogie from the night.

Bad mangroves: Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort Yalong Bay National Resort District

Located in the heart of a meditation pond, through the flames in the night outdoors island mangrove tree in the living room is one of the best places in the bay to the evening breeze and a drink after dinner. A group plays live in China, 3 people every night by the sound track for an island that is ready to swim in the sea in night.This package is hainantour dot net if you use a different Web page, if you please contact us .

Mediterranean restaurant, a cafe and a shisha; Hexi Rd.Next Brazilian barbecue Armando, near the bridge.

The first and only cocktails and shisha in the hall of Sanya. Transparent curtains, sofas and Shisha (Hookah), tobacco snuff in many flavors. European fine long list of wines and cocktails.

KTV pipeline: Horizon Resort and Spa Resort Yalong Bay District. Open 7:30 pm-1: 00AM

The hotel is located in the basement of a building Horizon Resort, pipes for the admission is RMB38 per person, with a small luxury hotel rooms from RMB280-1380.

Rainbow Bar & Grill: 98 Yuya Mon, Dadonghai of City Hotel

An ideal place for a hamburger and a beer.

Real Club Night; Baohong Rendez-vous at the hotel, 18 Haiyun Mon, Dadonghai.

Skin-class disco disco.

Russia Continental Bar: Huayu Garden, Yuya Ave., Dadonghai.

Core West and Russia courts. Menu in English and Russian.

Disco Samba: Sheraton Sanya, Yalong Bay National Resort District.

Seawave Bar: On the beach Dadonghai. Open 9-3 hours.

With a menu from the West sandwiches, soups, salads and pizza, and a list of drinks including fresh juice, margharitas and grasshoppers, this big wooden bridge and Laidback Bar is the perfect atmosphere for lunch or drinking glass.

Sky Bar, 4 Haiyun Mon, Dadonghai

The Hot Spot Club Italiano 1; Haiyun Mon, Dadonghai.

Disco-bar, where you go-go dancers on the platforms.

The club Red: Chuangye behind the building, Mon Hexi Road.

Windjammer Bar & Grill: G / F, Unit 2-102, La Flor Plaza, Yalong Bay Besides the Crown Plaza Hotel, Yalong Bay. Open 9:30 clock clock to 2:00 am

Windjammer Bar & Grill is a place of the next generation developed with the customer care. Created by international designers Windjammer Show users einzutauchen Ocean in a single point. Windjammer - "Spirit of the sea". Known for its Chinese name "and Kao Feng Shao Jiu Ba 'Windjammer, is the Plaza flora, and may, in the heart of the famous Yalong Bay Hotel & Resort away. Windjammer will be opened in October 2007 and is a response to a large group of Customers of a comfortable place for cats, snacks, drinks and dance. Windjammer is striving to be a place of regular and new guests to absorb, in an airy atmosphere with a beautiful, sound and lighting.

House of wine and cigars: Mangrove Resort Yalong Bay National Resort District.

Open from 11 clock until midnight.

In the interior of the house wine and cigars in a large selection of international wines and buses, with the exception of Cuban cigars.