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Escape to Sanya & Experience the utmost in comfort, pleasure and excitement in a breathtaking setting of natural beauty!

Located on the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, Sanya is the island's most famous tropical resort, wonderful in the baking summer months and also a popular spot in winter too. Once home to China's most reviled exiles, Sanya has been transformed from a spot that no one wanted to visit at the "end of the world", to become one of China's most popular, most beautiful and relaxed areas.

Today, its southernmost city – Sanya has become an exotic paradise - physically and figuratively distant from the mainland's overbearing bureaucracy and 24-hour construction mania. The typical tropical climate with annual average temperature being 25.4°C (77.F), sugar-white beach and fresh air have granted it the title of "the Hawaii in China".

And it is the beaches that are the biggest attraction here. Sanya has some of the most beautiful and well maintained stretches of sand not just in China but in southern Asia. The sand here is white, palm trees provide shelter from the sun and the sea is wonderfully blue and warm. This is just about the only place in China with a really laid back feeling and atmosphere. You could spend anything from a few days to a week or so here, soaking up the sun, relaxing and just enjoying the unique and relaxed ambience that dominates this place.

San ya Golf Tour

Best Quality Golf Club in China  Avec l'augmentation du niveau de vie à Sanya, en plus de terrains de golf ont été construits, et parce que le golf est très bon marché à Sanya, attire de nombreux étrangers qui viennent, afin de The Game. Cependant, il est également préférable de golf avec des visites guidées. En effet, de nombreux terrains de golf se trouvent non loin de la célèbre paysage, il est très pratique pour vous de bénéficier de deux ...


Sanya Night Show Tours

Will the city with most of southern China, Sanya offers a totally different look sunny in winter, in comparison to North chilliness. You can use the famous Tianyi Haijiao, Yalong Bay sights crystal-clear sea water for swimming, diving and other sports.....