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Four famous dishes

Wenchang Chicken
The authentic Wenchang Chicken is so named because it was first produced in Wenchang City. Raw material for that dish are carefully selected home-fed chicken. The food taste crisp, tender and fragrant after being skillfully cooked with particular ingredients. Wenchang Chicken has earned good reputation for its delicate taste and pleasant texture among clients over the world.
Hotels in Sanya all can serve this dish.
Jiaji Duck
Also named "Fan Duck", Jiaji Duck features thin skin, crisp bones, tender meat. It looks fatty but taste never oily.
Dongshan Mutton
Dongshan Mutton is so called because of its producation place- Dongshan Mountain inWanning City. The food is known for the tender meat and strong soup. It tastes fresh and is free of goat smell. There are various cooking methods for Dongshan Mutton. No matter it is baked, braised or steamed, the food is tasty.
Hele Crab
Hele Crab is characterized by full crab extract and tender meat. The golden looks crab extract apperas shiny with special fragrance. Hele Crab tastes best if being steamed and with ginger, garlic and vinegar. It maintains the original taste of the crab and tastes especially fresh and delicate.

Characterized Restaurants

Haiya Restaurant
Location: beside the Jiayuan Commercial Building at Hexi road.
Featured dishes:four famous dishes in Hainan, namely,Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Dongshan Mutton and Hele Crab
Tel: 88276962
Liguo Restaurant
Location: beside the Sanya Fire House at west Wenming Road
Featured dishes: Wenchang Chicken、Jiaji Duck, Dongshan Mutton and Hele Crab
Telephone number:88259099
Sanya Featured Tour Packages
Sanya, the second biggest city in Hainan province , is a central city in the south of Hainan, a transport and communication juncture, the important foreign trade port in the extreme south of the golden coastline opening up to the outside world in the southeast of China.China Highlights offers tour packages to discover this lovely city and around. Find below the most popular ones.
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