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four major famous dish in hainan

" four major famous dish "  The chicken of Wenchang of the first is that high-quality one kind fattens chickens, gains the name because produced in Wenchang of Hainan Province. It is said Wenchang chicken come from local pool ox town bestowed by heaven in the village first, this village holds the long banyan, the tree seed is rich in nutrition, the family chicken pecks at, the physique is extremely good. Wenchang characteristic of chicken individual big, serious about 1.5 kilograms, maos of color bright-colored, the wing short foot is short, the round burst of body is flat, the cover slips thinly comfortably, meat is luxuriant. Hainan people take Wenchang chicken, traditional way to eat to cut in vain (let " cut in vain " too ),Best embody the delicious and soft and slippery original quality primary taste of chicken of Wenchang. Mix the oil, precise rice boiled of chicken soup with the chicken at the same time, is commonly called as " the chicken rice " . Hainan is called "  Eat the chicken rice "  Include the builed chicken with parsley inclusive. Cut Wenchang chicken all send use in Hainan no matter feast, informal dinner, family dish in vain. Takes and praised highly in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, the reputation is quite held.

" four major famous dish "  Adding accumulating ducks of the first, is commonly called as " duck once " ,It is the improved variety duck introduced from foreign countries of early years of overseas Chinese of the fine jade, the market added and accumulated the town to cultivate and multiply in Qionghai initially, and it is surnamed that duck once which the resident raise is most famous to add a man of auspicious street with this town. It is very exquisite that it raises duck's method: Feed and eat the little fishes and shrimps or earthworm, cockroach of fresh water to ducklings first, about two months later, duckling when feather at the the beginning, house and then, narrow scope of activities its, admix, pinch with rice, rice Chen light group lump fill out and feed, grow into the meat duck 20 days later. Its characteristic is, duck's meat is plump, the skin slips in vain fragily, insert a thin layer fat between the skin and flesh, very sweet and refreshing. Adding the method of cooking to accumulate the duck has many kind, but by " cut in vain " (are also call "  Cut in vain " )Best embody the primary taste of original quality, so is the most famous.

" four major famous dish "  The first "  With the happy crab "  Produce in Hainan ten thousand Ning Couty and happy town, until crust hard, meat fat lotion all over to famous for, with the chicken of Wenchang, and accumulate ducks, east goat to stand side by side for four major famous product in Hainan. " and the happy crab "  Cooking method the varied,not steam, not boil, fry, bake, characteristic, particularly by " steamed " Good, the ones that keep primary taste are fresh, also hold the beauty of the natural colored shape concurrently.
" four major famous dish "  East goat's fields lying fallow in rotation of lacol flavor of Hainan of the first. Use the east goat's meat of the east mountain ridge of Wanning of local product, mix with various spices, flavor material, through many kinds of cooking methods such as rolling, bombing, line, steaming, deducting being refined.

In addition " a seafood of song" Produced in the east harbour of stockaded village, " stone goat " The crater of Haikou of producing area, " sucking pig of Lingao " Lingao of producing area, " powder of Hainan " Producing area Qiongshan Lingshan town, " embrace powder Luo " Fit the powder after producing area Wenchang embrace town Luo, " " The town is fitted after Wanning of producing area, " mend clearly coolly " ,etc. all is Hainan characteristic table delicacies,it reach there aren't Hainan!