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Seafood in sanya(Local specialty)

In addition to being a famous holiday destination, Sanya is also a major fishing port, so visitors coming to Sanya must include seafood in their diet. At a moderate price you can sample many different varieties, such as lobster, shrimp, crab, red snapper, mackerel, squid, sea cucumber, abalone, various types clams and mussels, etc. Dining in the many seaside restaurants with excellent ocean views is an experience you will not forget.

    Dining on Fishing Boat
The fishing boats are located near Sanya Red Sand Wharf, about 20 minutes from the city centre, and serve the freshest seafood. Patrons are ferried to the boats by small sampans and can enjoy their meals cooked and served in the middle of the ocean.. 
  Sanya Marine Aquatic Restaurant
This is an excellent way to see how local fisherman lives on their boats. 

Spring Garden Seafood Market
The Spring Garden Seafood Market is Sanya’s most famous seafood market, with attractive prices, an excellent selection and a lively atmosphere.