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Monkey Island in Sanya Hainan Island

Situated south of Lingshui County, Nanwan Monkey Island is the only tropical island-type nature reserve for macaques - a state protected animal in China. The island boasts of so many special sites, such as the longest transoceanic ropeway in China, the charming coconut palms, the enchanting sand beach, the natural bathing place, multicolored coral reefs, and the unique fishing rafts, as well as being the monkeys' paradise.

Riding the longest oversea ropeway, which is 2138 meters (7014 feet) long at the speed of 6 meters per second, you will be delighted to find that you have a wonderful view of the ocean, the neatly placed fishing rafts by the bank and the thick chains of mountains on the island with the birds gently singing and the monkeys' shouts reverberating around your ears. Soon the mythical monkey island unfolds his arms in front of you.

Passing through a vegetation corridor, you will be amazed to find seven or eight macaques standing in a line along the path holding triangular flags or saluting to welcome their honored guests. Some naughty ones are wandering with their flags in their hands, and even some are imitating their visitors' odd ways of walking. How funny they are! Walking and laughing, you will see young monkeys chase and fight with each other, and a stout one jump into a pond from quite a tall tree with an excellent 360-degree turn in the air. What perfect spray he has made that only a master sportsman could make! Not only is their jumping skill masterful, but also their swimming technique is quite superb. In the pond, some of them dive, some swim freestyle, and even some do the breaststroke. While watching, you will be amused and amazed, and you won't be able to help yourself applauding and clapping for them. In addition, you will enjoy yourself with the displays given by the monkeys in the circus performances. If you wish, you can take photos with these cute monkeys and play with them. However, one must remember not to wear red clothes in order to avoid the naughty monkeys who might be annoyed with you, and be careful when feeding them.

Story of Monkey Island: During the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907), there lived a village of Li fishermen in Lingshui County, (40 min from Sanya). One year, the village was hit by a mysterious pestilence, causing great numbers of the villagers to go blind and forcing many families to flee for their lives. Among the villagers was a young man named Yanan, known for his great fishing skills. One day, he heard a tale that told of black pearls which could cure the villagers. He immediately ventured out in his boat to search for the pearls, but soon encountered a ferocious storm which capsized his craft and endangered his life. To his great fortune, a group of mystical monkeys, following the instructions of the Monkey King, Sunwukong, were passing by on a raft, heading for an enchanted island marked by a stone likeness of a monkey.

Monkey Island has been a tourist magnet for domestic travelers for years. Offering the longest over-water cable car ride in China, tropical vistas, and a rare glimpse at Rhesus Monkey in their natural environment, it is a great choice for a family day trip. Monkey Island offers a combination of natural scenery, local custom, and exotic cuisine in an affordable package.

Upon finishing the Monkey Island visit, don''t miss the opportunity to explore the extensive floating fish markets and restaurants surrounding the island. A great chance to experience local culture; you can also sample an extensive array of exotic and fresh seafood.

Put the monkey island on your itinerary, and you will be rewarded with a lot of fun and pleasure. More than 2000 monkeys are waiting to welcome you at any time.

Admission Fee: CNY 68
CNY 30 for One-way Ropeway
CNY 60 for Round-trip Ropeway
Ticket-selling Hours: 8:00—16:30