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4 Day Hainan Delicious Cate Tours
Tour Code:XH-SY10
Departure: Daily
Minimum Number of Persons in Group: 2
Tour Type: Private
 sanya Haikou, as the biggest tropical ocean city of China, it's advantaged natural resources, intense custom of minority, as well as the unique geographical environment form the characteristic of Hainan's diet culture. 
  The 4 most famous dishes in Hainan
  Wenchang Chicken
Wenchang is a local name, the chicken grows in Wenchang, so it gets the name 'Wenchang Chicken'. The characteristic of this chicken is the chicken is fed with banyan's seed in the coops for a short time, so the chicken grows very quickly, fat but not greasy. To boil in the water, then cut into pieces, and eat with the mixtures of sauce, salt, garlic and other spices. Smooth skin and tender chicken meat, nobody could forget the daintiness of Wenchang Chicken. And the chicken rice boiled with the soup of Wenchang Chicken is also a delicate. 
  Jiaji Duck
Jiaji, also a local name, it is raised in Jiaji town, Qionghai city of Hainan. It's originally raised in Central and South of America, hundreds of years ago, it was took to Qionghai by countrymen residing abroad. Also boiled and eat with the mixtures. It's fresh in taste.
 Hele Crab
Hele Crab, is raised in Hele town, Wanning county. It is famous for its hard shell, thick crab meat as well as full xiehuang. It could be braised, boiled, baked and fried. The traditional, also the best way is steaming. It not only keeps the original flavour but also the shape of crab. 
  Dongshan Sheep
Dongshan Sheep is raised in Dongshan Peak, which is a famous mountain in Wanning county. The grass and fountain of the mountain are their best food. The characteristic of this dish is the meat is fresh and tender. 
  Coconut Food
It is well-known that coconut is the typical tropical fruit in Hainan. China's 90% coconuts grow in Hainan. Nowadays, there are more and more coconuts food in hainan, such as coconut shreds, coconut candy, coconut cake, coconut jam, etc. And local people like preparing food with coconuts. Such as coconut chicken stew, coconut rice, coconut soup, etc. 
  Local Snakes
Hainna Battercake, Banlan Cake, Bamboo Tube Rice, Miao Nationality Three Colors Rice, Hainan Rice Noodles, Houan Rice Noodles, Pearl Milk Tea and so on.
 Tropical Fruits
Hainan is rich in the tropical fruits, such as coconut, pineapple, banana, longan, litchi, carambola, mango, jackfruit, guava, pawpaw and so on.
 Special Local Products
Kuding Tea, Languiren Tea, Xinglong Coffee, Pepper and Yellow Capsicum
Day by day itinerary
Tour Code: 
Day 1 :Sanya - Halong Bay   
  Arrive  in the morning and change plane to fly to Sanya - the famous vacation resort of Hainan Island. Upon arrival, drive to the most southern point of China; view the "Endless Rock". Continue to Southern Mountain Cultural Center and the Sea Goddess. Afternoon enjoy this beautiful resort on your own. Dinner tonight is the four Hainan famous dishes - Chicken, Duck, Goat, and Crab.    (Lunch, Dinner) 
  Hotel: Eadry Resort (Seaview room - 5 star) or similar

Day 2 :Sanya - Xinglong
  Morning visit Li & Miao Folk Village and the Deer Center. After lunch, visit the Pearl Center. Drive north and sightseeing including the 'Deer Looks Back' Park, and the local farm that produce the famous tea and coffee beans. Afternoon arrive at the city of Xinglong. Enjoy a Multi-Asian style dinner tonight. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) 
  Hotel: Kangle Garden Resort (5-star) or similar 5

Day 3 :Xinglong - Haikou  
  Morning drive to Haikou. Visit the Wugong Memorial Temple, for the memory of five great officials from ancient time, the Tomb of Hairui, the Qiangshan Academy, where a classical love story was found in ancient time. Afternoon sightseeing including the Dongshan Ridge and Botanic Garden. Dinner tonight including local fresh seafood dishes.            (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  Hotel: Gold Coast Hotel (5-star) or similar

Day 4 :  Haikou-  Home 
   make your connection flight home.   (Breakfast)    

Get the price: This tour is a private tour and departure date will be based on your request. Prices depend on travel seasons and will be quoted upon request.