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Nantian Sanya Pearl River Resort Hot Springs

Located at Nantian Resort district in Haitangwan town of Sanya, Nantian hot spring resort boasts the largest open-air hot spring resort in China. It is about a one-hour drive from Yalong Bay. It is a comprehensive resort combining recreation, vacation, health-preservation, beauty build-up and commercial affairs. The hot springs are abundant in mineral substances and trace elements, which help improve skin quality, activate channels and strengthen the body. The facilities are also completed. There are Chinese restaurants, western cafes, pubs, spas, tea houses and all sorts of fitness facilities.

At the Nantian geothermal filed, the average temperature of thermal mineral water that is low temperature thermal mineral water is 57iã C.
The content of metasilicic acid and fluorine are 68.5-117.5mg/l and 2.04-7.7mg/l respectively, which reaches the standards as mineral water.
Radon, its content is 44.36-59.86Bq/l, reaches the concentration of media value. To sum up, the thermal mineral water can be named as 'metasilicic and fluorine medical thermal water with the concentration of medical value of radon.'
The thermal mineral water resource can amount to 10000m3/d.
The geothermal filed, therefore, is a large-scale medical thermal mineral water filed, and has the reputation of 'China No.1 Hot-spring.'

Geothermal field heat capacity of 10,000 cubic meters of water ore / day, is a large medical hot mineral paddy fields. There decompression relief packages, beauty packages, such as health care package a series of Hong Dong SPA products, hot shower, Aromatherapy, Chinese medicine therapy, massage together. Allows you to body, mind, and spirit of absolute relax, enjoy the hot springs of kissing and caressing, we have never experienced a perfect experience, so that you seem to hide in a healthy beautiful “town of Hot Springs.” Hot Springs has a curative effect, the fans around the world are convinced of the doctrine, but recently said. In accordance with a Japanese research has shown that the effect of hot springs, by its own temperature, pH, flow, in terms of factors such as mineral composition, it is absolutely the link; and hot springs where the topography, climate external factors will also affect The role of Hot Springs. As for the medical way is even more unusual such as “bath, drinking, steam bath, sand therapy, mud therapy,” are now available. Miao Li because of their rich customs and Pakistan Mile Island-style architecture and garden design, unique to the silicic acid, fluoride, radon, “three-hat” hot springs, hot spring health triggered a new concept of leisure,

"Aroma-Therapy: Hot Spring Flnra Bath, Facial Mask, Facial Mask for Men, Aroma-oil Massage, Body Scrubs; Signature Treatment: Herbal Wraps, Aroma-Ear Care, Aroma Massage, Aroma-Spa, Aroma-Body Care, Aroma -Body Building, King's feeling, SPA's Dream; Chinese Therapy: Imperial medicated sachet, Acupunture, Hot Spring Hot Massage, Chinese Imperial Massage, Foot Therapeutic Reflexology, Fithess Magical, imperial Foot Fitness, Oriental Magical, The Fitness Family"

by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for registration as a “China First Spring. ” At the same time, the “favorite of tourists scenic Sanya”, “the permanent site of the Forum in Hainan,” the title and become the coastal city of Sanya, the tropical Yiu-ming of a pearl.

are as follows:
ticket prices
the hot spring area
198 votes Pu Yuan / bit characteristics
+ colorful fish spa hot springs spa area

328 yuan / place _ characteristics xxx_1_br>+ Spa Massage Spa / Hot Springs 45 minutes

Pass area
618 yuan / place characteristics
+ Spa SPA Spa Package / 120 minutes (sea salt body scrub + aromatic维琪bath + oil + emperors package pushed )

Hot Spring in Sanya, Hainan Island, Sanya Nantian Hot Spring Resort & Spa, No. 1 Hot Spring of China, Good program for raining or cloudy day in Sanya
If you are going on a Sunny Day, please arrange the trip anytime after 4pm to experience a higher temperature difference. But it is also very busy time of a day.

Sanya Nantian Hot Spring
30 minutes driving from Yalongbay or Dadonghai, Sanya Downtown.
Rate: RMB150/person for entrance fee only. RMB198/person with shared transportation. RMB298/person with private transportation (Mini.2 adults/trip)
Please book at least 24 hours in advance, departure time is subject to final confirmation. If you go without reservation, it costs RMB198/person for the entrance fee only.  Please prepare extra RMB200/person as deposit. If you need any services, they will charge into your locker key and you pay upon check out. It costs extra for all services like Massage, spa treatment. Please bring your own swimming wears. There are free locker in the Nantian Hot Spring Reception where you will get towels, slippers &shower
Business Hours: 10:00-24:00, full services from 12:00
Free Shuttle Buses:
For guests staying in Pearl River Garden Hotel & Resort Intime on Dadonghai Beach to Nantian Hot Spring at 09:30 & 15: 30
Back to Pearl River Garden Hotel & Resort Intime on Dadonghai Beach at 13:00& 19:00.
Guests who are staying on Yalong Bay, please board the free shuttle bus at 1:30pm Resort Horizon First Building. Departure time back to Yalong Bay is at 5pm.