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Shanghai has approximately 45,000 taxis, operated by over 150 taxi companies. Several companies have taxis in their own colors. There are seven more popular companies - Dazhong Taxi Company with their cars in sky blue; Qiangsheng with their cars in orange; Jinjiang white; Bashi green; Haibo sapphire blue; Fanlanhong red; and Lanse Lianmeng in navy blue. Of all the taxi companies, Dazhong and Qiangsheng are most strongly recommended.

Taking taxis in Shanghai is more expensive than in other cities. In the daytime, the price is CNY11 for the first three kilometers (1.9 miles), an additional charge of CNY2.1 for every succeeding kilometer within 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) and CNY3.2 for every succeeding kilometer after 10 kilometers.

At night from 23:00 to 5:00 the next morning, the taxi fare is CNY14 for the first three kilometers, an additional charge of CNY2.7 for every succeeding kilometer within 10 kilometers and CNY4.1 for every succeeding kilometer after 10 kilometers. You can bargain over prices when taking taxis at night.

Whether you take a taxi during daytime or at night, CNY2.1 will be added for every five minutes of stop time.

Taxis in suburbs of Shanghai usually charge less. The price is CNY9 for the first three kilometers (1.9 miles) and CNY2.1 for every succeeding kilometer.

Please note the charge will be rounded when you pay and Shanghai Public Transportation Card can be used on most taxis. Anything unreasonable, you may file a complaint by calling 021-63232150 or to the specific taxi company by telephoning the number displayed on the car.


In Shanghai you can practice price-haggling skills anywhere, even with a taxi driver especially at night (after 11pm) or traveling a long distance (more than half an hour's drive). Normally you can get a discount!

Don't bargain in a raining day though unless you want to offer more! There are never enough taxis in those days. So it is better off to book a taxi as early as possible when it rains.

Taxi companies paint their cars in a particular color to distinguish themselves from others. The most popular company is "Da Zhong" whose cars are painted in light blue. Actually I only trusted them!

Take the Shanghai city map with you whenever traveling to a new place. Some taxi drivers might take you around a few unnecessary blocks/streets before sending you to the destination.

A taxi ride will cost 10RMB for the first 3 kilometers, then 2 RMB for 10km, then 3RMB a kilometer. After 11pm, the flag fall is raised to 13RMB.

For those of you who are still not used to carry cash around, get a rechargeable travel card (can be used for taxis, metro and buses etc.). Watch out for taxi drivers after you give them the card. They might exchange the cards with an almost empty one.

kind reminder:
travelers can bargain down the price during the night and can share a taxi together for several people.
if there is a waiting time, the driver will charge you as one meter’s cost for each five minutes.
the taxi booking and complaining telephone number.
main taxi companies  calling  complain 
shanghai johnson 62580000 62581234
shanghai friendship 62584584 62582828
shanghai volks wagen 96822 62173350
shanghai jinjiang 96961 64169292
xinya group 56651777 56651953
shanghai haibo 96965 62130011

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