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China Tobacco Museum

Located at the intersection of Changyang Road and Tongbei Road in Yangpu District in Shanghai City, opposite the Shanghai Cigarette Factory, the China Tobacco Museum catches people's eyes by its magnificent appearance. It is 87 yards long, 27 yards wide and 98 feet tall. In the middle of the exterior wall is a huge granite embossment, the pattern of which reflects the development and culture of Chinese tobacco. In front of the museum there are five totem poles with an average height of 30 feet, carved with traditional Chinese patterns, such as dragons, phoenixes, lions, cranes and horses. There are five floors in the museum, with the first to third floor as the exhibition area and the fourth to fifth floor as the business area. The museum houses seven exhibition halls, including the hall of tobacco development, tobacco industry, tobacco agriculture, tobacco management, tobacco trade, tobacco culture, and smoking and smoking control hall. There is also a document hall and auxiliary rooms, such as a lecture hall, large storage room, resource information database, tourist guide system, tobacco bar and a tea house for leisure.

China Tobacco Museum is a professional museum which focuses on collection, exhibition and research. It is not only a treasure house of China tobacco, but also a combination of sightseeing, tourism and entertainment.

The very fact that there is a prestigious new China Tobacco Museum shows how tobacco’s status in China is still far from compatible with the country’s urgent need for serious, effective tobacco control. It was inaugurated in Shanghai City last July, to subdued local excitement. Funded entirely by the Chinese tobacco industry, under the leadership of the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, to the tune of 180 million Renminbi (US$21.7 million), this is the world’s largest tobacco museum. The museum spans over 3000 square metres and houses over 150 000 artefacts, depicting the 400 year history of tobacco in China. Its aim is to promote a "positive" image of the tobacco industry and to expand its influence in society. It also aims to celebrate Chinese culture and civilisation.

Admission Fee: CNY 10
Opening Hours: Tuesday and Thursday (09:00-16:00)


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