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Shanghai Automotive Museum

Car enthusiasts in Asia have been thrilled by the opening of the Shanghai Auto Museum. Not only is this groundbreaking permanent exhibition the first large museum in China that is exclusively dedicated to the automobile and its historical development, it has also been praised for its comprehensive coverage of car-related topics.

The first cars in Shanghai were two cabriolets imported by a Hungarian businessman that wanted to show his wealth about town and perhaps show try his luck with the local ladies, the arrival of his two cabriolets was big news about town, and the local car culture was thus born.

Shanghai has been a major automotive hub for the past 100 years, from both wealthy foreigners bringing their cars into the colonial areas to military invasions from Japan, and domestic production of locally developed vehicles and foreign vehicles in the 40’s to the Chinese post war self developed cars, the museum is here to tell you all about it, a job which it does fantastically.

The museum's total exhibition area covers 1.17 hectares. The German-designed museum looks like overlapped books, a metaphor for learning.

The exhibition space is composed of five pavilions dedicated respectively to history; technology; antique cars; famous brands and changing auto-themed exhibits. The history hall is located on the first floor and depicts significant events in the development of automobiles. The technology pavilion focuses on eight themes-manufacturing; conformation; design; materials; safety; comfort; electronic features and energy. Here visitors can experience the artificial intelligence in automobiles through interactive participation. The antique cars pavilion is on the second floor and displays forty cars manufactured in the U.S.A. and Europe between 1902 and 1977. The bulk of the cars are provided by America's Blackhawk Automotive Museum and range from the aristocratic Rolls-Royce to the simple and practical Model-T Ford. The famous brands hall is located on the third floor and emphasizes the vast number of automotive brands that have surfaced in the last hundred years. The fifth pavilion is dedicated to showcasing exhibits of a temporary nature.

Created by the highly innovative team at Atelier Brckner and following the company's motto of 'form follows content', the 2,400 square metres exhibition was developed to address the evolution of automobile design from inception to present day experiments in shape, function, and performance.

The permanent exhibition has been arranged to mimic a typical urban scene: a strong grid and a 'street', complete with road markings, define the main circulation space around the museum.

With Chinese manufacturers banging on the door of the global car market, perhaps the museum will become a mausoleum of soon-to-be-defunct Western brands.


If you are a car fancier and are interested in auto history, this museum will be a feast for your eyes.

Admission Fee: Ordinary Ticket: CNY60 ;
Half-price Ticket: CNY30 (for children under the height of 1.2 meters and the disabled)
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Sunday: 9:30 to 16:30 (Stop entering at 16:00)
By Car: Hu-Ning Expressway (A11) - Anting Autocity Exit - Turn right on Boyuan Road
By Subway: Take Subway Line 11 and get off at Anting Station, get out from the exit to South Moyu Road. Walk down along the road to the south and turn left to Boyuan Road.
By Bus: * Take the Bus Lu'an Line (terminal station: Zhongtan Road) and get off at Boyuan Road Station before walking for ten minutes.
* No.6 Tourist Route at Shanghai Stadium
* Bei An Line from Beiqu Bus Station in North Zhongshan Road Gonghexin Road to Cao'an Road Miquan Road Station, then walk a few minutes to the museum. 
* An Hong Line from Songhong Road Subway Station to South Moyu Road Boyuan Road and then walk 5 minutes to the museum.