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Shanghai, located at the mouth of the Yangtze River, is the No.1 metropolis in China and reputed as the "Paris of the Orient". Nonetheless, Shanghai attracts you not with the state-of-the-art skyscrapers, which you can without difficulty find a lot in almost all the big cities worldwide, but the smart way she interweaves the West and East, ancient and modern.

The old town of Shanghai collects all the elements that link to Chinese worldly happiness - delicious snack, animated craft market, beautiful classic garden, Buddha or Taoist temple for praying, small houses in the old Longtang lanes where hospitality and mutual help is a must.

Do you hate to travel alone? Do you want to join a group so that you can make new friends? Is your budget tight?

What is Seat-In-Coach Tour ( CITY COACH TOURS) ?

Seat-in-coach means you join others on the same tour, and thereby the tour cost is considerably cheaper than a private tour.

Most foreign visitors to China will only visit few major attractions, namely Beijing, Forbidden City, Great Wall, Xian, Terra-cotta Army, Shanghai, Guilin, Li River, Yangshuo and Suzhou... . There are usually two ways to do the sightseeing: one way is to take private vehicle, tour guide... whatever for individuals or groups, as part of a package tour; the other way is to take the tourism bus, as named Seat-in-coach tour.  ( Panda Bus ) Seat-in-coach tour is a comparatively less expensive way of sightseeing. A tourism Bus (with English speaking guide) will go to pick up the passengers from different hotels in the morning, then go to visit the major scenic spots together. Our tour guide will contact the passengers the night before to set a departure time with you for the next morning. The price is fixed and same for whatever number of people.大多数的外国游客到中国只参观中国的一些主要景点,如北京的紫禁城,长城,西安的兵马俑,上海,桂林,丽江,阳朔和苏州等。有两种方法可以完成旅游:一种是包车游加导游……然而对于个别人、团队,或部分背包客来说,乘坐旅游车,开始拼团游也是不错的选择。一辆旅游车(带英语导游)早上从不同的而酒店去接游客,然后去参观景点。我们的导游会在旅游开始的前一天晚上联系游客。每个人的价格都是固定且相同的。

Features of Seat-in-coach tours(CITY COACH TOURS):

  1. It's cheaper than private tours. 比包车游更便宜。
  2. It is not so flexible as a private tour, but you may have a lot of new friends coming from all over the world.
  3. Free transfer between attraction and your downtown hotel;
  4. Prepayment or Pay at sight is OK;
  5. Matured itineraries with tour guide;

How to book Shanghai seat in coach tours   

1. Please do let us know your full name on passport and the name you used to reserve hotel room; otherwise it is not easy for our tour guide to get in touch with you in the evening before tour date.  
2. We will provide Chinese address of this hotel for your print when we confirm this tour. You may just show the address to taxi driver. ..

3. Your flight numbers and arriaval date if you need to book our airport pick up service.

4 .Just fill out the online reservation form, or send your travel request to  inquire@chinauniquetour.com  then our tour advisors will contact you with your detail tour information.A phone number and email address where we can easily reach you..

5. You are also welcome to call us at + 86 029 87238990 If you have a last minute booking or an urgent matter after our normal office hour, please call 86 13488197185 ( 24 hours ).

6;We will send the tour confirmation voucher to you, and inform you of pick-up time and location (only at downtown hotels) and contact number of tour guide;

7.  The tour doesn't need the pre-payment and deposit require, the tour guide will pick-up you from the hotel, the payment charge can be settled directly to the local tour guide in cash when you arrive. Both RMB and hard currency are acceptable.

8:Tour guide will call you the day before your tour date to confirm the tour details. Then everything is ok, may you have happy hours with our tour

What Payment  Shanghai Bus Day Tours (CITY COACH TOURS ) ? 
1. pay our tour guide in cash in xi'an (USD and Chinese currency are both acceptable). 
. transfer payment to bank account of our company at least 3 weeks before tour date.
3. PayPal .(Need 4% transfer fee)支付宝(需要4%的手续费)

Are you traveling alone or  want to make some new friends? Do you want to find somebody to travel with you to share the happy time of Xi'an sightseeing? Take a bus tour means other individual tourists like you will join the same tour and as a result you all will enjoy better prices than private tours for the same scenic spots.

Join our seat-in-coach tours!

Shanghai Seat-in-Coach (Shanghai Bus Day Tours )  Tours




SHC- 01 : One Day Wonderful Shanghai
 RMB 480 /person
Type: China Seat-in-Coach Tours
Feature: The Bund /Yu Yuan (and Old Town)/Jade Buddha Temple / Shanghai People's Square/  Xin Tian Di/Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

SHC- 02 : Morning Wonderful Shanghai |
RMB 300/person

Type: China Seat-in-Coach Tours

Feature:Shanghai People's Square/ Yu Yuan /The Bund /Xin Tian Di

SHC- 03 : Coach Tour 3:Afternoon Wonderful Shanghai RMB 300//person

Type: China Seat-in-Coach Tours

Feature:    Shanghai People's Square/

SHC-04:Evening City Tour with River Cruise  / RMB 500 person
Type: China Seat-in-Coach Tours
Feature:  Shanghai People's Square/  The Bund /Huangpu River Cruise /    Xin Tian Di/
*Departure: When 4 or more people have joined in.

 SHC-05:Coach Tour : One Day Shanghai History & Culture
RMB 500 person
Type: China Seat-in-Coach Tours
Feature: French Concession \The Shanghai Grand Theatre(,Nanking Grand Theatre) People's Square \
Little White House 

SHC-06: Coach Tour : Afternoon Shanghai History & Culture 
 RMB 350 person

Type: China Seat-in-Coach Tours

Feature:Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Former Residence  /Little White House   People's Square \

SHC-07:One day Zhou Zhuang Water Village
RMB 650 person
Type: China Seat-in-Coach Tours
*Departure: When 4 or more people have joined in.

SHC-08: Afternoon Half-day Zhou Zhuang Water Village
 RMB 600 person

Type: China Seat-in-Coach Tours

Feature: Zhouzhuang 
*Departure: When 4 or more people have joined in.

SHC-09: : One Day Suzhou Tour
 RMB 700 person

Type: China Seat-in-Coach Tours

Feature: Humble Administrator's Garden (Zhuo Zhengyuan) \The Lingering Garden \Tiger Hill
 *Departure: When 4 or more people have joined in.

SHC-11: Suzhou Garden & ZhouZhuang Water Village
RMB 750
Type: China Seat-in-Coach Tours
Feature:Zhouzhuang |Humble Administrator's Garden (Zhuo Zhengyuan) \The Lingering Garden \Tiger Hill
Departure: When 4 or more people have joined in.

SHC-12: One Day Scenic Hangzhou 
 RMB 950 person
Type: China Seat-in-Coach Tours
Feature:West Lake  Viewing Fish at Flower Pond  Lingyin Temple  Inquiring about Tea at Dragon Well
 *Departure: When 4 or more people have joined in.


Pickup Hotel C1 C2 C5 C6 C8 C3 C7 C9 C4 C10 C11 C12
Renaissance Yangtze
08h00 12h30 18h30 09h15
The Regent
08h40 13h00 TBA 08h50
09h10 13h25 TBA 08h35
09h15 13h30 TBA 08h30
Four Seasons
09h20 13h35 TBA 08h20
Hyatt on the Bund
08h15 13h00 19h30 08h00
Sofitel Hyland
08h40 13h15 TBA 08h15
Le Royal Meridien
09h00 13h20 19h20 08h20
JW Marriott
09h10 13h25 TBA 08h30
Portman Ritz-Carlton
09h30 13h45 19h00 08h45
Pudong Sheraton
08h00 12h15 17h15 07h15
08h20 12h30 17h30 07h30
Pudong Shangri-La Tower A
08h40 12h45 17h45 07h45
Grand Hyatt
08h45 12h50 17h50 07h50