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Shanghai South Railway Station

As one of the key transport hubs of Shanghai, Shanghai South Railway Station is 5 km (3.1 miles) away from Xu Jia Hui (the business center of the city). It is the first gate of Shanghai - all the trains leaving the city have to pass through the South Railway Station. Every day, there are about 30 pairs of trains departing from the station, and most of them are bound for Hangzhou. The station is also an important transport hub connecting the Yangtze and the Pearl River Deltas, other cities in South China (Guiyang, Guangzhou, Nanjing, etc.), and Hong Kong and Macau Regions.Located at No. 289 of Old Humin Road in the south Xuhui District, it provides daily train services between Shanghai and cities to its south such as Hangzhou, Jiashan, and Ningbo. There are also bullet trains to Hangzhou and Nanchang. Tickets for trains departing from this station and Shanghai Railway Station go on sale here four days before the departure day. For more information, you can call 021-51105110.

The principal building and the North and South Squares of the South Railway Station cover an area of 60 hectares (148 acres) in total. The principal building of the station is a three-storey station hall. The first floor is the underground arrival level, where there are underground passages, transferring hall among the North and South Squares, the stations of the Subway Lines 1 and 3, and the station for coaches and tourism special buses. The second floor is the platform level, where there are 13 railway lines, 6 platforms, a passage connecting the North and South Squares, the VIP station halls, and the police station. The third floor is the departure level, where the huge station hall can hold a maximum of ten thousand passengers.

South Railway Station Transportation
Situated at the intersection of the Subway Lines 1 and 3, the South Railway Station can easily be reached by subways and many local buses. A map of the South Railway Station below with marks of bus transfers information is for your reference:
For your convenience some specific bus routes are listed below:
South Square (7 Lines):
867: South Railway Station <--> Hanghua Xincun
144: South Railway Station <--> Nanpu Bridge
973: South Railway Station <--> Nanquan Xincun
315 (Night Line): South Railway Station <--> Shanghai Railway Station
Airport Line 7: South Railway Station <--> Pudong International Airport
Shangzhu Line: South Railway Station <--> Zhujiajiao
Shangjia Line: South Railway Station <--> Jiading Passenger Transport Center

North Square (4 Lines):
729: South Railway Station <--> East Sea University
236: South Railway Station <--> Laoximen
303 (Night Line): South Railway Station <--> Nanpu Bridge
Shangcang Line: South Railway Station <--> Cangyuan Xiaoqu

Major Trains from Shanghai South Railway Station
The major destinations and trains starting from Shanghai South Railway Station:

To Guangzhou Railway Station: T169 (11:13 - next day 05:40), K511(12:02 - next day 08:47), K527 (19:29 - next day 18:02 )

To Shenzhen Railway Station: T211 (11:45 - next day 06:04), T101 (13:40 - next day 08:23)

To Chongqing North Railway Station: K71/K74 (13:26 - next day 20:13)

To Guilin Railway Station: T81 (13:02 - next day 10:14), T77 (16:18 - next day 12:15), K537 (16:49 - next day 14:44)

To Kunming Railway Station: K818 (15:57 - third day 10:25), K79 (18:21 - third day 07:05), K739 (19:43 - third day 08:00)