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A must visit for first time visitor in shanghai

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Though no match for the long history of Beijing and Xian, yet Shanghai has a unique story to tell: starting from a fishing village opened up 1842, Asia's leading city in the 1920s and 1930s dubbed as "Paris of the East", and today Shanghai has become one of the world's largest metropolitan cities, which best shows where China is headed in the 21th century as well as a museum of East meeting West on Chinese soil.Shanghai. Few cities evoke such emotions of exoticism and mystery. Yet, this is China's fastest growing fashion and fortunes hub.

This is the right one-stop place for planning your trip to Shanghai no matter you are a very independent visitor or local travel agency frequent user.

Shanghai is a very large city. And there are many attractions in Shanghai. If you are a first timer and don't have many days to spend in Shanghai, you probably would want to focus on the top attractions. Here I have listed some of Shanghai's best attractions, which are the most unique of Shanghai and definitely must-gos.

the Bund :The city is divided in half by the Huangpu River. The eastern bank, Pudong, is China's future while the western bank, Puxi, is China's past. You'll find exotic flower and animal markets, men pushing carts and ancient shopping arenas on the western shores while men in business suits work at the Shanghai Stock Exchange on the east bank. Fashion shows and techno rule the nightlife while traditional restaurants with lanterns and age-old family recipes are the restaurant favorites.A specta-bulous, dazzling waterfront esplanade with a wide range of colonial styles of architecture. Particularly striking at night, when brilliantly illuminated (note: lights off at 10:30pm). One of the most famous streets in China, and an absolute necessity to visit. Over the past few years, the buildings have started to be inhabited by shopping arcades and restaurants. The most impressive are 3 on the Bund and Bund 18, which have some of Shanghai’s most glamorous restaurants and bars as well as high-end glitzy international boutiques

Huang Pu River. Get to a boat and do cruise on the river. Highly recommended.
Huai Hai Road, especially the area near Shaanxi South Road area. The shopping center.Nanpu Bridge, Yangpu Bridge and Oriental Pearl TV Tower compose of a huge picture scroll. The Bund is the cultural section of Shanghai that best represents the blending of ancient and modern influences. This renowned waterfront district is the city's most famous landmark. Local people honor the Huangpu River as Mother River, and as you view the lights and spectacle from the deck of your evening cruise, you will understand why.

The Lujiazui Area. You need to set food to Pudong, the Lujiazui area to claim that you see a complete Shanghai. You may want to try the Pearl Tower (visit the top) or the top of the Jin Mao Tower.

Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar. Most foregiens like Yu Gardern. That is the answer to the question: "Where can I find the best China element in this morden city?"Yu Gardens is certainly a 'must' when is Shanghai. The shopping,dining and architecture is truly a wonderful experience when visiting this city. Watch dumplings being made, buy jade jewelry, or perhaps an ink-stamp of your name in mandarin. This is definately one of the best places to see in Shanghai.

Xintiandi. The newly built area featuring old Shanghainese style lane houses, and bars. It is a tourism place now.A must-see on any tourist’s itinerary. This outdoor section of “shikumen” (1920’s – 1930’s Shanghai style houses) was completely rebuilt in 2000 -1 and has become a complex of shops, restaurants and bars. It is all a bit too new looking, but the architecture can inspire one’s imagination of Shanghai’s glamorous past. Xintiandi is often packed with tourists and is home to some of Shanghai’s best restaurants.

Xujiahui. Either go there for shopping - best for computer parts, or for the villa area.located in the southwestern part of Shanghai. In just ten years, Xujiahui (徐家汇 Xu3 jia1 hui4) has become one of the four biggest shopping destinations in the city of Shanghai. Easily accessible by Metro Line 1 (Xujiahui Station), many people enjoy shopping at Xujiahui because of the number of modern and fashionable shopping malls all within walking distance from each other.

The Shanghai Museum The Shanghai Museum is known as the best museum in China and is well worth a visit. It is located in the downtown area on Renmin Da Dao. First established in 1952, it was re-built in 1996 in the form of an old Chinese cooking pot, making the outside just as impressive as the inside. The museum houses an amazing 120,000 Chinese artefacts. Not quite as impressive at the national museums in Beijing or Taipei, but still impressive.

Nanjing Road. Oh. I almost forget it. It is named the No. 1 Street in China, because of the concentration of shops.Shopaholics should head to Nanjing Road, the main shopping district of Shanghai.

Shanghai Acrobatics  The Acrobatics at Shanghai are not to be missed. They are held each night and last for about 2 hours. The Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe, established in 1951 is one of the best in China. It frequently tours internationally and perform routinely at Shanghai and other cities in China. An acrobatic show has become one of the most popular evening entertainments for tourists in Shanghai. You can enjoy gravity-defying contortionism, juggling, unicycling, chair-stacking, and plate-spinning acts at the following stages.  

That seems a lot of a two day trip. This is the most popular places, that second time visitors may not be interested, but definitely worth a visit for the first time visitors. They are the iconic places in Shanghai.

How to Plan a Day Trip in Shanghai

Shanghai is attractive to most visitors due to its prosperity and unique city glamour. If you are planning your trip to Shanghai, please do not feel bothered by the selection of proper hotel, good meals, excellent and trustworthy travel agent. Leave the work to us, because we are professionals in customizing the specific private tour for you. For the most popular routes of Shanghai, you may check the package tour and make your decision. If you are intended to be guided for only one day, the following trip is particularly made for you, which is a great help for you to discover the history and new face of Shanghai.

Reference Route

1) Meet SHF  tour guide at the lobby of your hotel in Shanghai. Then you will start your Shanghai exploration by subway. First, you will see how well-developed Shanghai Subway system is, you can go what you want to in high speed without any traffic jam. Your first destination is Shanghai Museum, which is the biggest museum of ancient Chinese art and cultural heritages, especially famous for its treasures of bronzes, ceramics, paintings, and calligraphy. Then following is Shanghai City Planning & Exhibition Hall, which shows to people also to the world the achievements in Shanghai urban planning and construction development. Then proceed to "city green lung" --People's Square, which is one landscape style square which melts administration, culture, transportation, commercial elements. Since you are in Shanghai, you can never miss the famous Bund Area, which is regarded as the symbol of Shanghai for hundreds of years. Then you can do some shopping on the 'No. 1 commercial street in China'--Nanjing Road.

2) In the morning, your guide and driver will show up at the lobby of the hotel to meet you on time. If you just arrive at the airport in the early morning, please do not worry, and our guide will drive to pick you up at the airport duly. The first stop of the tour comes at Yu Garden, a classical Chinese garden filled with serenity in the bustles and hustles of the city .At noon time, your guide will take you to a well-selected restaurant to enjoy an a la carte lunch.After lunch, you will go on to visit the Bund. As the symbol of Shanghai, Bund is an epitome of Shanghai's history. The 1108 meters long street has a high concentration of the buildings of various styles, just like Gothic, Baroque, Rome, Renaissance, and Classic style. Though they were set up at different times with different styles, the overall layout and outlook are fairly harmonious.Next you will come to the Nanjing Road, known as the first commercial street in China. You can pick up whatever you like there. Your journey will come to the end after you will be transferred to your hotel.

How to Plan a Three Days Trip in Shanghai

Day 1: Start by exploring Shanghai by going to the Pu Dong area. There are a lot famous views in Pu Dong, which are symbolic of Shanghai and China's economic development. After taking Shanghai Metro Line 2 to Lujiazui station, you could have a gorgeous brunch at Jin Mao Tower, the fifth tallest skyscraper in the world. Then you might want to visit Lujiazui financial district, “the Chinese Wall Street”. Then it’s time to experience the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. After taking the elevator to the top of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, you will have the overview of the night of Shanghai. Dinner at revolving restaurant of the TV Tower will be the perfect ending of your first day in Shanghai.

 Day 2: Start with the People's Square.Day 2: Start with the People's Square. This is the traffic center and one of the most popular commercial areas of Shanghai. You could learn Chinese culture and history in Shanghai Museum, see how Shanghai will look like in the future in Shanghai City-Planning Exhibition Hall, and enjoy a wonderful concert in Shanghai Grand Theatre. After finishing the culture tour, you could walk to Nanjing Road, China's No.1 Commercial Street, to do some shopping and enjoy your dinner there.

 Day 3: Spend the last day in the famous Yuyuan Commercial and Tourist Area.Day 3: Spend the last day in the famous Yuyuan Commercial and Tourist Area. Yuyuan Garden, one of the four finest Chinese gardens, is the must for visitors. Almost all the celebrities who came to Shanghai, such as Bill Clinton, had lunch or dinner at Lvbolang. You shouldn’t miss the most famous “Xiao Long Bao” there. Xin Tian Di is famous for its night life. You could find different kinds of bars with live band and restaurants there. Be sure to enjoy the last night in Shanghai.


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