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Shanghai Aquatic Sports Center

Shanghai Oriental Sports Center was recently renamed from the Shanghai Aquatic Sports Center.
The location of the aquatics center where the 2011 Fina World Championships took place. This venue sports some serious equipment including A/C units under the stadium seating.

Located by the east side of Huangpu River, next to Expo Park, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center consists of an indoor stadium, a natatorium, an outdoor diving pool, a press service center and the supplementary facilities like parking area and public bus stations. The total area is 34.75 hectares and the floor space is 163,800 square meters. The construction will be completed by the end of 2010. In July 2011, the 14th FINA World Championships will be held in this sports complex.

The theme of its architectural design is water. The elements of wave and bridge appear frequently in the Center. The three major buildings enjoy unique features respectively. The architectural appearance of the gymnasium looks like a wave. The natatorium is composed by lined arches. Located on the manmade island, the outdoor diving pool has a roof in the shape of a half moon. The spectators can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Center and the Huangpu River when sitting on

The beauty: Water, water, everywhere—and how appropriate, in one of the world’s great harbour cities! While these facilities can house other sports like boxing, basketball and ice hockey, as well as concerts, they are largely designed for swimming events. Not only that; the buildings stand on elevated platforms above a man-made lake and are connected to each other by bridges. Each bridge can be seen rising above—and reflected in—the watery surface. Their architectural forms and design elements, too, suggest waves, swells and billowing sails.

Beneath the surface, tech-forward features include a system using water from the artificial lake to heat water in the swimming pools, and under-seat air conditioning for the spectators.

Fun fact: Sports Center designers gmp Architekten, though Germany-based, have completed dozens of major projects in China, including sports and convention facilities in Shenzhen, Foshan and Xian, as well as Beijing’s National Museum of China.

design: meinhard von gerkan and nikolaus goetze with magdalene weiss
project leader: chen ying
team: jan blasko, lü cha, lü miao, jörn ortmann, sun gaoyang, yan lüji, jin zhan, fang hua, martin friedrich,
fu chen, ilse gull, kong rui, lin yi, katrin löser, ren yunping, alexander schober, nina svensson, tian jinghai,
zhang yan, zhou yunkai, zhu honghao
structural engineers: schlaich bergermann and partners
international installations: arup
landscaping: wes & partner
chinese partner firm: siadr, tongji design institute
capacity: hall stadium 18,000 seats, natatorium 5,000 seats, outdoor swimming pool 5,000 seats
client: shanghai administration of sports
construction period: 2009–2011


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