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A Well-known Chinese city in history and culture

Shenyang is a well-known Chinese city in history and culture with about 1100 ground and underground cultural relices. It is so called because of being located on the north bank of the Hunhe River(named as Shenshui in ancient times). According to the textual research for Xinle Archaeological Site, 7200 years ago, our ancestors lived and multiplied on this land. The founding history of Shenyang City has been over 2300 years since B.C.300 when Qin Kai established Hou City here to garrison border land. Shenyang has long been reputated as "the birthplace for one dynasty and the capital for two emperors ". In 1625, Nuerhachi, the first emperor of Qing dynasty, moved its capital here , and renamed it Shengjing. In 1636,Huangtaiji, the second emperor of Qing Dynasty, changed the reigning title into Qing Dynasty. In 1644, Shenyjing was identified as auxiliary capital while Beijing became the capital after the soldiers of Qing Dynasty entered the Shanhaiguan Pass. In 1651, Fengtian Prefecture was established here .In 1945, it was renamed Shenyang again.

World Cultural Heritage

Shenyang Imperial Palace

Apart from the imperial Palace in Beijing, Shenyang imperial Place is the second existent largest palace building complex in China, it is completely preserved, Its construction was started in 1624 and it was compelted in 1636,it was the palace for Qing Taizu Nurhachi and Qing Taizong Huangtaiji. Shenyang imperial Palace is divided into Eastern Line, Middle Line and Western Line, now there are over 100 ancient buildings, covering an area of over 60000 square meters. The entire building merges multinational arts of Manchu,Han,Mongolian and Tibetan nationalities, and has formed its unique style. The renowned building Phoenix Tower was the topmost building in Shenyang at that time, and (Viewing Sunrise from Phoenix Tower) was one of eight spectacular scenes in ancient Shenyang.

Fu Mausoleum

Fu Mausoleum(East Tomb)is the tomb for emperor Nurhachi and empress Yehenala. It covers an area of 557 hectares, its construction was started in 1629,and it was basically completed in 1651.Through renovation by emperors Shunzhi, Kangxi and Qianlong for many times later, a complete architectural complex of mausoleum was formed, including Main Vermilion Gate ,108-step stairway, Square City,Long'en Hall, East and West Side Halls, Daming Pavilion, Treasure Mound, and so on .Fu Mountain behindit ,there are tall ancient pines and range upon rangs of mountains,(Green Pine on Tianzhu Mountain) was one of eight spectacular scenes in ancient Shenyang.

Zhao Mausoleum

Zhao Mausoleum(North Tomb) is the tomb of Qing Taizong Huangtaiji and empress Boerjijite. It was built in 1634 and its area is 3,274,000 square meters. There are buildings including Long'en Hall, Treasure City, Treasure Mound, Crescent City, Daming Pavilion, Dabei Pavilion ,Square City, Long'en Gate, Dahong Gate, Stone Arch, and so on .Its scale is grand and the building is magnificent, it is good enough to be a masterpiece combining styles of Manchu nationality and Han nationality.

Relics of remote antiquity Profound Potential

Taiqing Temple

Construction of Taiqing Temple was started in 1663,it faces south and it is composed of Lingguan hall, Liaofang Houde , Guandi Hall ,Chanting Scriptures Hall, Laojun Hall, Yuhuang Pavilion, Lvzu Hall, Sanguan Hall, Qiuzu Hall, and so on .Taiqing Temple was historically the center of Taoism Activity in the Northeast, nowadays it is the location of Taoism Association of Shenyang ,and ift is a key Taoist temple of China.

Xinle Relic

Xinle Relic is a tribe relic of matriachal society in the early stage og Neolithic Age over 7200 years ago, more than one thousand important cultural relics and remains of ancient house were excavated, such as stone artifacts, bone implement, earthenware, wooden furniture, jet product, and so on .Among them, "Wood sculpture bird" is a precious cultural relicsand it is the oldest among those excavated in Shenyang region, it is also the only wood sculpture handicraft whose preservation is the oldest.

Shisheng Temple

Contruction of Shisheng Temple was started in 1636,it was bestowed by Qing Taizong Huangtaiji, so it is also called imperial Temple, and it is the earliest and the largest temple of Tibetan Buddhism in Shenyang city. The temple faces south, there are builings of Celestial King Hall, Mahavira Hall, Mahakala Budilding, Pagode Courtyard, Bell-tower and Drum-tower, Liaofang Houde,and so on .Among them, Mahakala Buddhism Builiding once consecrated "Mahakala Buddha", and "Sounding Bell at Imperial Temple" is one of eight spectacular scenes in ancient Shenyang.

Four Pagodas and Four Temples of Early Qing Dynasty

Construction of four pagodas and four temples of early Qing Dynasty was started in 1643,including East Pagoda at Yongguang Temple, South Pagoda at Guangci Temple, West Pagoda at Yanshou Teple and North Pagoda at Falun Temple. They are all about 5-li away from Shenyang in ancient Shenyang ,and they add radiance beauty to the place in the city, having the appearance of "great unity, complete Buddha-stupa at four gates". The desigm of four pagodas are identical, they are composed od three parts, including pagoda base, pagoda baby and pagoda top. The entire pagoda is 26 meters high, only Falun Temple around North Pagoda is comlietely preserved among four pagodas and four temples, and Shenyang Foorest of Steles are located in the temple. Merely white pagoda is left at Youngguang Temple around North Pagoda and Guangci Temple around South Pagoda ,and Yanshou Temple around West Pagoda was renovated in 1998.

South Mosque

Construction of South Mosque was started in 1636,and it was extended ih 1662.It faces east and its its axis is at the Hill Gate, Scondary Gate, Portico, Great Hall and Minaret,Great Hall at the center is surrounded by Scriptures Hall, Side House, Nun Temple, Bathroom, and so on .It shows the appearance of a typical slamic mosque. South Mosque is the site of Shenyang Islanmic mosque. South Mosque is the site of Shenyang Islam Association.

Cien Temple

Construction of Cien Temple was started in the Tang Dynasty, it faces east and the buildings in the temple are distributed in three lines, including Hill Gate ,Celestital King Hall , Bhikshu Altar, Tripitaka Pavilion, Ruyi Office, Abbot's Room, Buddhist Scriptures Chanting Hall, and so on .The temple has a long history, and it has the most and the best preserved statue of Buddha, implement for ceremony and implement for Buddhist service in the whole city, it is a key temple nationwide.


Nanguan Church

Construction of Nanguan Church was started in 1878,it faces south and it is a typical Gothic building ,the two bell-towers are 40 metershigh, and the hall is 20 meters high, it is propped by 24 granite stone pillars, the structure is exquisite, and it has a capacity for 1000 person once in religious service.

The "Setp.18"Historical Museum

The "Setp.18"Historical Museum is located at Liutiaohu area of Shenyang. The entire museum covers an area of 35 thousand meters ,and there are 7 exhibition halls. By means og large number of picture , real objects, scene elaborations, three-dimensional sculptures , power-driven photoacoustic simulation, film and teevision video, and so on ,it portrarys vivid scenarios, fully displays the Japanese militarism aggression, shows the determined resistance and the victory won by the Northeasterm people of China against the historical tragedy.


Steam Locomotive Exhibition Hall

Shenyang Steam Locomotive Exhibition Hall is the first exhibition hall of China for public display of steam locommotives, and 16 sets of locomotives no longer in longer in service from eight countries are stored up in the hall, including those of China and those from America, Japan, Russia, Belgium, Czech, Poland and Germany among them, DBI locomotive produced in America in 1907 is currently the oldest one in show in the hall, and "Asia"locomotive of the same model in the world.


Museum of Marshal Zhang's Residence
Magic Slope
Qipanshan Mountain Scenery Zone
Shenyang West Lake

Shenyang West Lake is also called Fairy Lake,the water area at the main lake zone is about 10000 mu which is twofold that of Hangzhou West Lake.The lake island area is 700 mu,there are 2000 mu of natural lotus. The lake water is limpid, the reed is vast, lotus flowers are vying with each other for glamor and aquatic birds are flying and chirping, and domestic and for glamor and aquatic birds are flying and chirping, and domestic and foreign visitors praise it as "an extremely beautiful scenery in heaven with lotus in blaze of colors".


Characteristic culture Shining with dazzling splendor

Performing arts Diversified categories

There are totally 5professional art performance groups and 40 amateur performance groups in Shenyang, covering multiple art categories, such as Beijing oprea, pingju, modern drama, acrobatics, song and dance, quyi, and so on . A batch of performing performing artists well known at home and abroad come forth,such ad Han Shaoyun, Hua Shulan, Xiao Junting, Chi Shaoqiu, Lu Xiaohe, Sun Haiying, and so on. They have created and performed literary works that enjin great prestige both at home and abroad ,such as "Sky Phantom" of Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe is acclaimed by spectators of America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and it is praised as "Art from external galaxy". The programs of the troupe have won many aware at "tomorrow" World Acrbatics Festival in Fance.

Mass culture Exciting enthusiasm

There are 22large-size and 300 small and medium-sized cultual squares in Shenyang City, as many as over 1200 large-scale activities are held each year, including singing and dancing. Cutural Festival of Qing and Lantern Festival have become traditional items deeply well reveived by the masses. The folk arts with strong local characteristics and extensive mass foundtion,such as Northeasternyangge and song-and-dance dute, are in varied colorful splendor, the activities for show of Qing culture, such as Performance of Royal Proprieities, Romantic Charm of the Qing Dynasty, and so on ,have become the focus of public attention years after year.


We live with the nature harmoniously

China Shenyang International Horticultural Expositon 2006

China Shenyang Iternatonal Hortialtural Exposition 2006 will be held from May 1,2006to October 31,2006 with an exhibition period of 184 days. The total planning area of Expo Gardon is about 246 hectares, and its scale of area coverage is large than al previous inernational Horticultural Exposition. The Expo Gardon may be divided into two portions, including horticultural appreciation zone and leisure entertainment zone. There are four groups of items, namely horticulture displays, leisure entertainment, comprehensive service and exposition activities.


Shenyang International Ice&Snow Carnival
The korea Week of

Shenyang International
Dragon-boat Regatta

The International Tourism
Festival of Shenyang,China
China Shenyang International Horticultural Expositon 2006