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White Stone Scenic Area

There is a tourist district at the place that is about 2 kilometers away from the east of Koumenzi in the White Stone Scenic Spots and about 70 kilometers away from Hami City. The tourist district is made up of pasture, virgin forest and holiday village. Among the green pasture and the dense pine forest, there is only a huge white stone like a sleeping ox.  It's said that it 's a visitor from outer space (a meteoric stone). Although Hami is sweltering and dried in high summer, it's cool and wet here. Dense pasture, sturdy green pines, a mass of flowers blossoming on the mountain, herdsmen's unique log cabins and so on attract a lot of people from China or foreign countries here.

There is advantaged grassland on high mountains in the White Stone Scenic Spots. The White Stone Scenic Spots show its unique natural landscape to the people. It has a long history and beautiful and magical legends. When the three aspects combine together, the wonderful natural scenery is cloaked in mystery. It's full of charm. The White Stone Scenic Spots are composed of five tourist districts-the Algidity Ditch, the Pine Pond, Mingsha Mountain, the White Stone and the Tianshan Temple. It covers an area of 100 square kilometers.

Hami White Stone Holiday Resort is located at the certer of the scenic area of the Easi Tianshan Mountains,where coloud,snow-capped mountains,thick pine forest,herds of sheep and cattle and grassland,Cultural views and natural landscapes will attract tourists to more and more

White Stone Holiday Resort is a large tourist holiday resort at national AAA grade and covers an area of 120 mu.It can provide services such as guest rooms,cateringservice,entertainment,sightseeing
caterring service,entertainment,sighteseeing and meeting reception The Holiday Resort is equipped with wood buildings and ethnic yurts,which can accommodate 500 people.With the ethnic-style rrestaurant,you can enyoy ethnic delicious food.In the Sightseeing Pavilion,tourists not only can have a taste of milk dringking made by Kazak,but also can view the beautiful natural landspcape.Spacious multi-function hall can serve every purpose of you including entertainment fitness,performance,performance,conference and meeting......  
White Stone Holiday Resort is a good tourist attraction lacated at Eastern Tianshan Mountains,It neighbors on Hami City in the south and Barkol Grassland on the north.With developed traffic conditions,such as White Stone,Tianshan Temple,Pine Pool and Sand-Sounding Hill.It is easy for tourists to go sightseeing by walking,riding hores or taking autos.