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Tianshan Temple

Tianshan Temple, the only temple on Tianshan (60kilometers south of Kumul city), was built on a height of nearly 3000 meters. It was firstly built in Tang Dynasty, with a full name of Tianshan Temple of Lord Guan.

The temple was constructed as a cuboid architecture: 12 meters long and 7meters wide. It took giant trees as pillars and blue brick as walls. There are three floors inside the temple and four vertical props enchased in the walls. There are only three wooden rooms and a broken stele left in the temple now. Near the temple is a small house, in which there are pieces of rock inscription of Han, Tang and Qing Dynasty. In the folklore, people around Tianshan consecrated those rocks as jinnee capable of keep them off disasters. As a result, the rocks on Tianshan have been protected by the local people.