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Image Located at the important line of communications connecting Southern and Northern Xinjiang, the west part of Nalat Grassland connects to Xinyuan County Town, and leads onto Yining City and the No.312 National Highway. Along the ancient road, the east part of Nalat Grassland is connected to the road leading to Balguntay Town. Another road, the Dushazi—Kuqa Road which stretches across the Tianshan Mountains is also jointed by way of Nalat Grassland. As one of the four largest grasslands over the world, Nalat Grassland boasts sub-alpine poad belt, and it has been a famous pasture land ever since the ancient times, and there are wide river valley, high mountains, the crisscrossed deep gores, the flourishing forest, open grassland combined with local Kazak folk customs form the tourism and sightseeing resort integrated with tour, sightseeing, scientific investigation, entertainment, passing the summer holidays and tourism shopping.