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Tarim River

Image Called “wild horses without bridles”, the Tarim River is 2179 km long, the longest inland river in China. It is formed by the convergence of the Aksu River, originating from Tianshan Mountains, Yarkant River and Hotan River originating from the Karakorum Mountains. Covering a basin area of 19.8 square kilometers, it empties into the Taitma Lake at the end. The river discharge varies with seasons to a great extent. In hot summer, because of melted glaciers and snow, In the flooding season of torrid summer, along with the old snow and glacier begin to melt away, the discharge of river increases sharply, the river rushes forcibly with roaring waves like uncontrollable wild horses on the waste desert and grassland. The newly built concrete bridge over the river, with an 800-m span and 1600m long, plays an important role in the economic development and communication on both sides of the river.