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Taklamakan desert

The largest desert in china,and the second largest shifting desert in the world.It is located in the center of Junggar Basin . It covers an area of 337,600 square kilometers,accounting for 47.3 percent of the total area deserts in China.This route provide you the execellent chance to explore the second largest desert on the earth .In  Uygur language, Taklimakan means "You will never go out if you enter in".Although the desert has another nickname"the sea of death",you still find so many colorful and glory ancient civilizations in some oasis around the desert.The most attraction is Turpan,a pearl in the Old Silk Road,there you will see many interests sites and along the longest desert highway in the world ,you will never forget the magnificence of the grand desert.Of course,the ruins of Gaochang and Jiaohe may leave you strong impression.You can choose either bus or trekking across the desert depending on your interest.